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CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

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  • CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

    Does anybody know of any planned CNG Fueling Stations that are supposed to be built in Houston? I know of the three Clean Energy has here, I am just wondering if anybody has heard of anything else?

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    Re: CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

    We at CNG 4 America ( are working on our first station in South Houston right now. We hope to have it up and running 1st quarter 2011. Our goal to is put 7 or 8 more in the Houston area over the next 2 years. We are looking for more fleets in the area of our stations so that each location makes economic sense before breaking ground. What are you looking for.
    Bob Baldwin
    2009 Ford Focus Bi-Fuel
    2000 Ford F-150 Bi-Fuel


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      Re: CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

      CNG 4 America will put in a station if you have the fleet numbers and they will provide CNG at a very competitive price. Bob is a Petrolieum Engineer with over 20 years experience. He can get it done!


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        Re: CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

        Freedom CNG has open their first station in SE Houston at

        6002 Debbielou Gardens Dr, Houston, 77034.
        2 3600 psi (5000 & 1000 nozzles)
        open 24/7 well lit and very easy in and out
        accepts V,MC,D, WEX, Voyager & Fuelman
        go to


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          Re: CNG Fueling Stations in Houston. Texas

          Got a fantastic article written about Kenworth and Freedom-CNG working together to promote CNG use in Houston. Enjoy!


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            American Fueling Systems just opened a Diesel plus CNG public station near Hobby Airport for public and commercial fleets, such as FedEx, AT&T, and CenterPoint. They have three other CNG stations in GA and plan to build a station for Port of Houston (in Beaumont.)