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Civic CNG 3-year Inspection - Houston, Tx area - Need help

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  • Civic CNG 3-year Inspection - Houston, Tx area - Need help

    I'm based in Texas now and my 2014 Civic is due for its 3-year inspection on the tank and fuel system... No Honda dealer in the Houston area - even those certified to work on the CNG Civic - has anyone on staff who is CSA certified to do the big inspection...their certified technicians basically took a Honda course for working on the cars but have no capability of doing the federal inspections. They said most of the ones they sold went to fleets with people on staff who do that themselves internally (i.e. municipal fleets, etc.) so there was no need for them to waste time getting their techs certified to do those inspections. So, I called Honda customer relations, who recommended a dealer in Dallas who - surprise - has no one on staff either. The only dealer I have found who can perform this inspection is Howdy Honda in Austin - 3 hours away - who would be delighted if I drove 200 miles to visit them. Coming from an area where I had a great dealer who could handle anything, I feel like I've been hung out to dry by Honda on this, especially since their "certified" dealers can't do a required inspection. So, I'm looking for a new inspector in my area who can do the inspection on a Civic. I've called a handful of heavy truck dealers who do inspections on CNG heavy trucks and have been turned away...they don't want to mess with me. There has to be someone in the Houston area who can do a 3-year inspection on a CNG passenger car owned by a private owner.

    Any advice? Honda has been zero help. Their customer relations people are clueless and many of them didn't even know Honda made such a vehicle.

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    Give Parkway (Chevrolet?) in Tomball a call to see if they can help.
    Or email Jean Dardin jean@parkwayfamily dot com


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      Call the Dallas Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition as they are tied-into all things alternative fuels.

      One shop on their list is in Austin but I think Ronnie would be happy to do the inspection for you next time he is up on the DFW area.


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        An update. After much searching in-person and not on the phone, I finally got the car inspected before the end of January (my tank needed inspection 1/2017). Throughout this Houstonian odyssey, every certified dealer I called said to bring the car in and they'd inspect it. I would explain on the phone emphatically that this is the 3-year CNG tank inspection for a Natural Gas Civic - not a state safety inspection. They were so sure of themselves on the phone. Then I'd get there and they'd say "oh, we didn't know you meant "that" inspection....we can't do one is certified anymore." The experience was virtually identical everywhere I called and went. It is like there was a single script that they used at all the Honda dealers, right down to the "deer in the headlights" looks they gave when confronted with my car and shown the information in the manual and on the labels. It was almost rehearsed. I decided to give up on phone calls and just started paying home visits to dealers around town...what's better than boots on the ground to solve a problem? Well, I found one dealer that knew what they were doing:

        Spring Branch Honda - well out of my way, but in Houston nonetheless - does perform 3-year CNG inspections on the Civic at this time. This experience was rather cumbersome and it was nice to have found someone who listened and at least appeared to be familiar with the car and its requirements. So, for the inspection, its 3 hours of time, and a cost of $354.00 including all the paperwork. Fair enough. If you're in the greater Houston area, this place is legitimate. Otherwise, Howdy Honda in Austin or Team Honda in Baton Rouge are the next nearest ones I've had experience with and can recommend. I probably could have driven to Austin and back in the miles and fuel wasted around Houston.

        Feel free to comment if you know anywhere else or have had similar experiences.