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Sparq Baton Rouge CNG Is Open For Business!

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  • Sparq Baton Rouge CNG Is Open For Business!

    Fellow CNG Drivers and Enthusiasts: Sparq is excited to share the start of operations at our Baton Rouge, LA site located at 8968 S. Choctaw Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70815FLEETS AND FUELS: Sparq Tackles Louisiana CNG Market

    NGT NEWS: Sparq Reviving Ancient CNG Station in Louisiana

    Thank you for your business. Have a wonderful weekend!

    SparqNG Team

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    Re: Sparq Baton Rouge CNG Is Open For Business!

    Congrats Sparq on another successful station opening, right on the heels of your new Pueblo CO station!
    Keep 'em coming


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      Prices recently went from $1.59 to $1.99 at this station.


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        Out-of-state on a road trip to TX now (call me a heretic - I'm team driving with my wife in her gasoline Odyssey. Portland OR to TX in 48 hours for a wedding.) Gasoline is as low as $1.95 in TX.

        If Baton Rouge writeup, above, is an indication of upgrades with CNG stations, how many stations can be justified if they need replacing in 20 years? It seems to be true for many I know of - even fleet stations: Portland (Waste Management outgrow theirs in 2 years), Sherwood, Medford OR, Seatac WA, Oakland CA. Same with gasoline fuel stations. At $60,000 and up, how are the MOBIL, SHELL, ARCO, etc replacing their fuel pumps every few decades if not more frequently for the pennies per gallon they must make selling fuel?

        I was able to use a direct route from Deming NM to Midland TX in a gasoline car in order to check out the Apache CNG stations in Artesia NM and Whiteface TX. I am prepared to say it is too early to be using Interstate 10 between NM and TX - the longest fuel stretch would be 250 miles using APACHE CNG stations. The scenery was delightful through an 8000 ft pass east of Alamogordo NM. But the states want drivers to be going 75mph on the highways (and may need A/C in the summer) which kind-of rules out the hypermiling techniques I would want to be using.

        The above site will show these APACHE CNG stations if the PRIVATE search box is checked. The APACHE office said anyone who drives in may use bank cards to fuel at their stations 24/7, but they are not listed on public fuel maps.


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          Good to know the private Apache stations will help with traveling motorists. Have a safe trip Bill.