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Freedom CNG opening Midland, TX station 3Q of 2015

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  • Freedom CNG opening Midland, TX station 3Q of 2015

    Below is our March 4th, 2015 Press Release:

    Compressed Natural Gas station to serve large and small fleets

    (Houston, Texas) - Freedom CNG plans to break ground on a fast fill truck-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Midland, Texas enabling local use of clean fuel vehicles in the Permian Basin. With plans to open to the public in the third quarter of this year, the station will be located southeast of Midland International Airport between I-20 Business & I-20 at the intersection of CR 1250 and CR 116, adjacent to the Permian Basin headquarters of Schlumberger. The new station and its proximity will provide easy access to CNG fuel for companies like Schlumberger with Light Duty pickup fleets outfitted to utilize CNG and larger vehicles.

    “Freedom CNG’s vision for the future is to provide enough accessible, fast-fill CNG fueling stations in the Permian Basin so that fleets have the confidence to adopt CNG as their fuel of choice,” said Bill Winters, Managing Member of Freedom CNG. “When fleet owners experience how easy and clean it is to use local CNG to fuel a wide variety of fleet vehicles, CNG adoption will occur rapidly and become even more widespread.” The station will provide CNG fuel to third-party users from passenger vehicles to tractor trailers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Freedom CNG will encourage CNG usage for local commercial businesses, over the road fleet operators, municipalities, school districts and other governmental agencies.

    “Natural gas is a proven alternate fuel and the technology has progressed to a commercialization state which now makes CNG vehicles viable for regular use in our operations,” said Jeff Ostrander, Schlumberger North America Procurement & Sourcing Manager. “At Schlumberger we continually look for the optimal balance between economically viable initiatives and overall environmental footprint reduction, so we look forward to Freedom CNG’s proximity to our Midland operations.”

    CNG is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel, or propane and is the cleanest burning alternative fuel available. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CNG’s combustion produces 20 percent less carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), 70 percent less carbon monoxide, 89 percent less volatile organic compounds and 87 percent less nitrogen oxide than petroleum-fueled vehicles. According to the American Natural Gas Association (ANGA), diesel exhaust includes more than 40 substances that are listed by the EPA as hazardous air pollutants.

    “Natural gas is plentiful in Texas and can help reduce the country’s reliance on foreign oil. We have an abundance of natural gas pipelines running through the state, and delivery of the product in the form of CNG to the user is both safe and clean,” said Winters. “Transferring natural gas from the pipeline to the tank of an outfitted CNG vehicle is a relatively simple process.”

    Freedom CNG is dedicated to developing fueling infrastructure for those interested in lowering fuel costs, improving the air quality in Texas and reducing dependence on foreign oil. For more information about Freedom CNG, visit or contact John by cell at (281) 484-3875 or email at