HELP! Kansas to Denver fueling, World Race 2011, April 21, 2011
HELP! we need a private home owner? Fleet? CNG business?... someone to help us TOP OFF between Kansas to Denver, I'm Car #5 in the worldrace2011 although we added tanks, we will be running on fumes in our CNG powered car on April 21, 2011, if anyone can meet us? fuel us? whatever it takes.. we are attempting an American record for the longest trip on CNG, so far New York to San Francisco.. but that 580 mile distance in that stretch is a killer.. 920-636-0428

Hello this Bob Mann I am updating the car to a new BI-FUEL system Autogas
added a big tank adding Konis and spring kits. This is one of my 2004 VW 1.8 Turbo Jetta,s I build.
I feel this setup and car can make it across the USA just on CNG Please give LEE and us a hand.
It is time to wake up USA to CNG.
Bob Mann