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New? Michigan CNG station

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  • New? Michigan CNG station

    It's amazing that a friend of mine stumbled on a public CNG station that has been open about a year and nobody seems to know about it. He took a picture of it and sure enough there it is. It is not on and I have driven right by it without noticing it. It is in Southeastern Michigan and is one of the Blue Water Transit owned stations. It is located at 516 S. Parker (M-29), Marine City, Michigan. 24/365, credit card, 3600 PSI, single dispenser setup typical of the other CNG stations they operate. Pricing is the same as other Blue Water stations currently $2.30 per GGE. You can also see it on Google earth a bit North of the actual listed address (which is a party store/gasoline station). I verified it with Blue Water and sent an e-mail off to CNG prices to let them know it was there. I wonder how many other stations are out there remaining to be discovered?

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    Hey siai thanks for the heads-up. Got it on the CNGprices web site.


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      Thx Siai! It's just frustrating that the pricing for stations in SE Michigan are stubbornly much more expensive than other states, and higher than gasoline, by far. Hopefully DTE will adjust their pricing down a bit sometime soon


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        I don't understand DTE's CNG pricing structure. I don't think their heart is in it. Bluewater Transit, on the other hand, tends to be a little more price competitive. One is in the gas sales business (DTE) and the other is just re-selling purchased gas. You would think DTE would be selling at a lower price than Bluewater


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          That is the problem when a company is just doing it for CO2 credits or to get some sort of kick back from the Govt ! DTE does not care if they sell the Nat Gas to anyone as long as they get the credits and have stations in place to fill their Vehicles they run on CNG . I think Blue water Transport has a fleet that utilizes their pumps . I have used the one off I 69 by dryden a few times . I think they are small enough to realize they can get some cash ontop of cheap fueling for their fleet . And therefore price it more competively ! Very good to know something out that way just wish their was something further up I75!


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            ?Lets all watch that DTE never gets anymore Grant for CNG as there price is as high as it is. They do not want to fund CNG.


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              Yup ,That is exactly what I am talking about DTE does not care weather they sell CNG to the public or not it was simply a way to get the grant and save a few bucks on some of their fleet vehicles for a few years ! If they structured these grants to go to companies that truly want to structure a business around suppling CNG then the price mayb competetive but the way it is now DTE has no incentive to lower the price they already got their money ! There is got to be a way to structure it so the competetive incentive is there ! Seems like other states the CNG has come down some ! I tend to think if we can find a way to get more cost effective home refuelrs out there it could take off ! But most people do not want to put 4 to 8K into a refueler only to have to spend more a few years later to on maintenance or replacement !Good find on article though I always knew it was something like that !!