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Semi-Public Access CNG Fueling Stations in the UK

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  • Semi-Public Access CNG Fueling Stations in the UK

    Even today, in the UK, CNG is not really an option. I've heard of Germans coming to the UK and see our CNG filling station map, left thinking they can just rock up for a fill. They fail. Sorry, you'll need an account with most, and those that are 24 hour are unmanned so require a key fob and an account. Those where a credit-card will do, are often 9-5 weekdays and require prior arrangement. For the seven locations we do have, check the link.
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    Update on CNG stations in Europe. Although only accessed by appointment, at least the four stations in the United Kingdom are spaced only 60 miles apart. Nice country maps with hours, an address, phone number, and access type for each station.

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