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The Near Zero Engine Is Coming for Refuse

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  • The Near Zero Engine Is Coming for Refuse

    August 23, 2016 inBiomethane, CNG, Game Changer, money awarded, NGVsbyRich Piellisch
    Operators of compressed natural gas-fueled refuse trucks are being reassured that OEMs will offer vehicles with the super-low NOx Near Zero version of the Cummins Westport ISL G in time for their 2016 fourth-quarter ordering cycle.
    The ISL G NZ engine was announced nearly one year ago, but engineering details have thus far prevented refuse truck manufacturers from being able to quote NZ-powered vehicles to their customers.

    Game Changer
    Coupled with the use of RNG, the ISL G NZ engine makes heavy duty natural gas vehicles competitive with battery electric vehicles on a well-to-wheels basis. Fleets & Fuels publisher GNA/Gladstein, Neandross & Associates issued a detailed analysis dubbed Game Changer at ACT Expo 2016 this past May (F&F, May 10).
    At least one bus manufacturer has stepped up, as New Flyer Industries said last week that it is making the Near Zero option available to transit operators this year (F&F, August 17).
    Peterbilt Pledges Two Models This Year, a Third for 2017

    There Is Money to Be Had

    Wine notes that several California agencies are offering grant money for Near Zero refuse truck buys. The funding opportunities include
    • $2.5 million$25,000 per vehicle (F&F, May 13);
    • $15,000