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Tank Safety - What You Can Do

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    Re: Tank Safety - What You Can Do

    I joined back in March but haven't been active on the site. I rediscovered it a few days ago and was reminded what a great place it really is. I plan to become a regular user and hope to fiqure out a way to pursue a new career in the CNG field. With that said, I have a question I hope someone can answer. If a CNG tank has 1 and 1/2 years remaining on the 'DO NOT USE AFTER THIS DATE' label and a tank inspector is called to do a 3 year inpection do they put a 3 year sticker on the tank or do they make the inspection good for only that period which is left on the tank?


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      Re: Tank Safety - What You Can Do


      Technically the inspection is only good for the period which is left on the tank. I usually write the expiration date of the tank on the inspection form that I give to the vehicle owner and make him/her aware that the tank will expire before the 3 year inspection.
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        Buyer beware - After posting questions to eBay sellers auctioning a vehicle with expired tanks over the last year, I called eBay to ask why the answer is not being posted so that other bidders can see that they are in for a $4000 tank job.

        IT TURNS OUT THAT THE SELLER CAN CHOOSE TO SEND A PRIVATE REPLY OR TO HAVE THE ANSWER POSTED ON THE AUCTION. I can categorically state that none of the sellers chose to have their expired tank answer posted to the auction for others to see. HOW DECEPTIVE!

        So it would seem that the only way buyers of NGVs will learn that the tanks have an expiration date is if this feature of the fuel tank is publicized more widely. A number of buyers have contacted me asking how to fix the tank problem. Had they known, it would have changed their buying decision. And I guess that this only serves to encourage anyone looking at something out of the norm to learn as much as they can about it in advance.

        The answers the sellers have sent me privately have been varied (date of response YYMMDD):

        161119 All vehicles are sold "as-is where-is."
        161011 Tank expired 2015. Not sure if the tank needs replacement/nerver had any problems. Many people drive on expired tanks.
        160930 i do not know , but if this is a major concern to you please don't bid on this truck ....i have never heard of this before
        160928 What are you talking about?
        170312 I really do understand ALL of that, although I do appreciate your verbose and thorough assessment/ assistance. It REALLY is not there. Sorry, I wish it were. - Jay
        170320 I have no idea what a new tank costs. Stated in the ad, WSU has never used the CNG system and do not know if ever worked when WSU bought it. They have always used unleaded gasoline. Thanks
        170320 no, the 1998 FORD F-250 has DOT bottle that can be hydo tested for less a hundred dollar a piece
        170323 CNG has never been used on this vehicle. I can't answer other questions regarding the CNG.
        170405 Thank you for pointing that out. We are selling the vehicle AS-IS.
        170428 I will look at the tank and update the auction as necessary.
        170525 The picture shows expiration date. I will add the expiration date to the ad. I can't post the cost since I do not know.
        170525 Not sure... I don't know about that sticker?...
        170618 (2001 Dodge Ram) The tank has never been replaced and to my knowledge is not expired. Additionally I just looked at the tank there are no visible disclaimers or expiration notices visible from under the vehicle. I would need to do further research but it may sound as though you know more. Would you like to enlighten me? Upon additional research this vehicles cylinder life is 20 years and there after needs recertification every 36months or 36,000 miles to keep it in service. So to answer your question it does not need replacing.


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          Appreciate your efforts to educate those selling or assisting in the sale of vehicles having expired tanks.


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            This is a very similar situation to the UK. Here we have an annual roadworthiness test (our MOT test), I'm sure you must have something similar. Yet, with 3-4 cars in the whole country, CNG cars and their tank expiry forms no part of any test requirement. Seems despite years of CNG cars, and many knocking about, your system is no more up to the job than ours. Yet you have many more cars.

            To us Brits the stereotypical American lives in a more risk adverse society, and is infinitely more litigious. Seems here, this is not correct.
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