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Is this tank safe?

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  • Is this tank safe?

    Apparently this tank has been sitting on a shelf for 2 years. 11/12 man. Date. But it has this scuff mark! Any opinions?

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    The rule of thumb is, if you can hook fingernail on a defect it is a failure. If there is a question have a certified inspector look the tank.


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      ThatitGuy, I'll weigh in on this one. This is a Lincoln Type 4 composite. Mike is right about the fingernail scratch, but this only applies to the side wall. This is on the dome where the tolerances are generally more lenient. Between 0.011 and 0,035 deep scratches can be repaired with a two part epoxy. Greater than 0,036, Lincoln should be consulted. You've still got 20 yrs left on this cylinder. It's worth the effort to resolve it. Good luck, afvman/Bill


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        As much as I want this, and know it will almost certainly be just fine I can't do it. Since I don't know the history of this one I'm passing on it. It was most likely dropped. Talked to the field safety inspector at Lincoln and he said to pass on this. He recommended talking to a company called digital wave out of Denver that does acustic testing on tanks. Their tech said its might be level 3 damage and tank should most likely be discarded. Found a great manual on tank damage I'll post below. Found this thing on ebay and the seller said there was absolutely no scratches or damage to it. I insisted on lots more pics from all angles and he came clean with these pics. After I passed and told him why, he just put it back on ebay sans the damage photos.


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          Cylinder manual
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