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CNG Tank bomb ready to explode

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  • CNG Tank bomb ready to explode

    After filling my vehicle to approx. 3000 psi, I heard a hissing sound coming from the tank area. After being very careful, I opened the hard top cover and inspected the tank and valve. After spraying the tank valve it appeared I had a leak all around the valve however the hissing sound was coming from under the tank around the middle portion. I removed the protective cover that is installed in the bed protecting the tank, and felt below the tank while running my hand all over until I felt the gas leaking through the fiber in the middle of tank. It appears the plastic liner has failed and is leaking in various other locations through the fiber including the area all around the valve (see pic). The leak at the valve is not coming from the area where it is screwed into tank but from all around the tank area through the fibers of the tank. It appears the main leak has spread. there also is a "bubble" where the gas is leaking from inside tank to the outside. I would get a picture but the truck is parked far away from our main house. This tank is a Lincoln Composite with a manufactured date of 2012. It is good through 2032. Model number is RH36A21-06021.

    ?Does anyone have a good contact number at Lincoln? This is an emergency situation that Lincoln needs to know about immediately. I have contacted the corporate office in Nebraska and am waiting on a return call. Any additional contact information at Lincoln would be appreciated. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? This tank could very well of blown while my wife and kids were in the back seat the day before. One of my kids actually mentioned he smelled gas on the way home from school. I am so pissed off right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The CNG System was installed by GM approved upfitter OEM Systems out of Oklahoma.

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    Talked with Lincoln after my original post. They have asked for some pictures and mentioned that it sounds like when the tank was empty, the inner liner could of collapsed a bit and when I went to fill, gas got trapped between the liner and the fiber resin wrap. Considering the leak has now stopped, it might just be the deal. Not sure my wife will drive this truck again unless they replace. We will see. Here is another pic of where the main leak was.


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      How would Natural gas get between the liner and the fiber wrap? You would think if the liner collapsed and wasn't leaking the space would only fill with air. Plus one would think there would always be some pressure in the tank. I would ask them if they would sport you a new tank. Can't hurt to ask.


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        Yes, Lincoln is taking care of the situation. Cowboy will be coming up on Sunday to depressurize the tank so I will have at least a useable truck. It will run on regular gas until they send a new tank. Cole Couillard is the representative from Lincoln who is handling the situation. This guy was very responsive and quick to respond including reimbursement for Cowboy's time. All good.