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Leak when connecting to fuel

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  • Leak when connecting to fuel

    Hi, this is my first post here. I have had my 2008 Honda for less than a year. Today I attempted to fuel after work and several trash trucks were lining up. The only pump open was one that I and others always have trouble with and today was the same. One of the guys came to help and was unable to get it to connect. Another guy came over and was also unsuccessful, then suggested I use the 3000 psi since the other pump wasn't going to be available for a while. He tried to connect and then told me I was missing something and that was the problem. I decided to head home to a higher priced station and had no trouble connecting, but heard a leak immediately. I disconnected and called my husband who has his own CNG and he advised me to try and fuel anyway.
    I disregarded his advice and came home. He took my car back to the station a little while ago and he tried both pumps and decided it would not be a good idea to try to fuel. He thinks there may be a missing O ring.
    If anyone has experienced this, please advise and a pointer as to where we should be looking for parts would be great.

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    After an evening of searching around here I ended up placing an order for o-rings.


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      The fuel receptacle o-ring is a -110 buna-nitrile, preferably 90 durometer, but the softer 70 durometer will work, too. Use a dental pick or small flat screwdriver to get all of the old one out. I keep a couple of spare o-rings in my glove compartment just in case.


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        Honda part number 91068-S1G-003 O-RING 91310 fuel receptacle. Have been known to be dis-lodged when disconnecting nozzle - very rare, but having a spare on hand is good practice.


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          I don't remember, but this was on the forum before

          Receptacle O-ring.

          You can get 100 of them off of McMaster Carr ( for $7.00+shipping. Total is like $12.00. Part number 9452K22
          Another bit of info on the receptacles (and nozzles) is to spray them with a silicone lubricant occasionally. If you can find a dry silicone spray that is recommended. (Especially before the cold weather sets in.)
          Buna-N (also known as NBR AS568A-110