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50 cent tax credits ??

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  • 50 cent tax credits ??

    is the 50 cent tax credits still good for 2015 tax year ?? if so how can you get help with it ???

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    Yes, it was revived retroactively near the end of 2015. The money goes to the station operator, not the end user. Some fuel providers are passing the savings on to customers, some are keeping it as extra profit.


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      So what you're saying is that the gas stations get the 50 cent tax credit and not the consumer? I've been saving all my receipts thinking I was going to get the 50 cent credit per gallon. I guess this isn't so. What about if you own your own fuel maker/gas station? What hoops would I have to jump through then? Also, since I have you here; My Fuel Maker FMQ36 locked up the winter, and I need to have it rebuilt. Any information or leads as to where I could have it done, would be very helpful. I live in NW Indiana area in Highland/Gary area. Thank you very much. CNG Chuck.


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        The last post was from 2015, but about the best thread on the subject Be careful opening up that door, if you haven't been collecting the 18 cent federal tax from yourself and remmiting it to the IRS on every gallon that went thru your fuelmaker LOL.


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          ok !! i will not go for it now that i see all you have to do !!! but i do have to get my pump back up and running can any of you give me some good leads on who to go to for a rebuild on a fuelmaker 36


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            The BRC FM distributor for Indiana is:
            CNG Source

            Looks like you are closer to Illinois so these folks may be more convenient.

            Dual Fuel Systems
            Batavia, IL


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              CNGCHUCK, Contact Ken Brown at Energy Tree CNG (901) 831-4283. Ken can rebuild/repair your FMQ-2-36 compressor and is very knowledgeable about Fuelmaker products. He is located near Memphis, Tennessee.


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                Yeah, and if Ken doesn't fix it right he'll blame it on something so you get charged anyway..


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                  If you have a problem with a rebuild from Ken, he will make it right. Good luck with any warranty claim to BRC/Fuelmaker because there really is no warranty; It's just money Italy, where you can't touch them.
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                    thank you all for the info. i need all the help i can get !!!! chuck