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California launches natural gas vehicle incentive program

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  • California launches natural gas vehicle incentive program

    August 13, 2015. The California Energy Commission-funded Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project (NGVIP), which is intended to provide approximately $10.2 million in funding to reduce the purchase price of new, on-road natural gas vehicles (NGVs), is now open to applicants. The NGVIP is open to individuals, firms, government agencies, and other entities purchasing eligible NGVs for use in California. The project is being administered on behalf of the California Energy Commission by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Irvine. Incentives are available through the NGVIP on a first-come, first-serve basis, and per-vehicle incentive amounts range from $1,000 (up to 8,500-pounds GVW) to $25,000 (at least 33,0001-pounds GVW), according to a document detailing the project.. Read more
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    Is there a list of the cars that are available for these rebates?


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      There were only a hand full of Civic NG's left in dealer inventory. Most other vehicles would likely be for fleet consumption, such as trucks and vans on the light duty side. Most sedan's are EPA certified, but I'm not up on those which have made it through CARB yet. A check of the NGVA shows a few, but I would verify their CARB status, as there was mention of EPA as well. The website for consumer info is here


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        Curtis, when the 2016 f150 gets carb approved what kind of rebate would I be looking at for a dedicated system?

        Is it based on a percentage of the conversion cost or a fixed amount? Does it matter if I purchase it for my business or for personal use?

        The conversion I'm looking at is going to run 16,000$ (large tanks) so I'm trying to maximize my investment