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ALTFUELS-LIST: Release of the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project.

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  • ALTFUELS-LIST: Release of the 2015 Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project.

    Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project (NGVIP)

    The Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project (NGVIP) provides incentives to reduce the purchase price of new on-road natural gas vehicles for use in California. The incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis and at varying levels depending on the gross vehicle weight. Details of the program are available in the application manual.
    The NGVIP is administered by the Institute of Transportation Studies, at UC Irvine on behalf of the California Energy Commission.
    Recent Updates

    August 05, 2015: We have had some reports of the auto-calculating feature in the ARF-1 form not working properly. Specifically, that the computed total in the
    # Veh
    column is incorrect. We have provided a fix for this issue and have updated the ARF-1 form on the application page. We have also provided a blank version of the ARF-1 form without the auto-calculating feature for Applicants who want to print and fill out by hand. Note that we will still accept any applications sent in using the originally published version of the ARF-1 form. When processing your application we will ensure that the totals are correct.

    August 03, 2015: In response to questions received, we have updated the NGVIP mailing address to allow for in-person or overnight delivery services as follows (note the third line):
    NGVIP Administrator
    Institute of Transportation Studies
    4000 Anteater Instructional and Research Building (AIRB)
    University of California, Irvine
    Irvine, CA 92697-3600
    This is reflected in the updated application manual and in the frequently asked questions. If you plan to make an in-person (non-courier) delivery, please make an appointment by contacting to ensure staff is available to receive your application.

    July 31, 2015: The NGVIP start date has been set to August 07, 2015. Changes to the draft application manual have been finalized following the Solicitation Workshop on held on July 08, 2015. Please review the changes to the application manual and application forms. Also, see the FAQ for answers to questions received.

    Information on the Energy Commission funded Natural Gas Vehicle Incentive Project
    (NGVIP) has been released. The University of California, Irvine will administer the NGVIP
    and has established a website with more information at: .
    Please visit this website for additional details.

    For more information:
    (If link above doesn't work, please copy entire link into your web browser's URL)


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