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Lower pressure CNG compressor

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  • Lower pressure CNG compressor

    It is inefficient and costly to compress a gas, and then reduce the pressure so it can be used. I am a mobile locksmith in Salt Lake City. I use a Honda GX. I don't go more than 20 miles or so each time I leave home. I would like to have a home appliance that I could connect to my car to pressurize the tank to 1000 psi, or even 500, whenever I arrived back home.

    If 3600 psi will power my car for 200 miles, it seems that 360 psi will make it go 20 miles. If someone would develop a compressor that was optimized to efficiently deliver gas at a lower pressure, I'd buy it. I would even install another tank in the back seat area, the car could travel twice as far. So, a couple questions for a compressor engineer. Why must we try to make a home appliance to fully fill the tank? What pressure could we expect from an efficient single-stage compressor?

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    You realize how oddball your request is, right? Less range intentionally? If you really want that, set up a timer to turn off the compressor after so many minutes. Starts and stops will do more damage than letting the compressor run to higher pressures IMO. Adding a tank can't save money compared with running the compressor for the same length of time at a higher pressure. CNG is dying a slow and painful death - there are few products available to serve the whole market let alone one guy's oddball desire.
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      I have considered this, and started a few threads in the past. 200 psi is really not usable and risks damage to the cat converters is you get very low on pressure and cause lean mixtures / misfire. Getting to 800 or 1,000 pst is usable, but requires a 3 stage compressor at minimum. Putting together a homebrew 3 stage compressor system would cost more than a good used fuel maker.

      In the SLC area ? More cng stations than anywhere in the us. Life is too short. Use the stations.


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        The opening poster's concept is actually not as crazy as it seems. In fact there is significant investment being made by many companies into low-pressure CNG storage combined with adsorbents in the vehicle tank to provide reasonable quantities of energy onboard with only 500 psi. He could purchase one of these ANG (adsorbed natural gas) refuelers for instance:


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          let me see cenergy warranty's the compressor for 3 years or 2000 hr ROTFLOL they must be kidding the fuel maker had a 4000 hr warranty and that was a joke it cant pump much as it is running on a house gas line1 or 2 gge at best lets try 2 gge times 2000 hr oh 4000 gge just like the fm claims if it was one gge hr that would be 2000 gge I hope it sells for less than 199 dollars as if it is much more it will be like fuel maker impossible the get any roi with it


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            I agree completely. In my case I was looking to develop a 1500 PSI system. Everyday I would have 100-150 mile range. Why pay 5 times as much money to put 15 gge in my tank when I only need 7 gge every day. I still have a gasoline system and fast fill stations for backup. I believe a 1500 PSI home compressor could be turnkey for about $2000. I want it. The battery people have convinced the world that when you refill at home, you don't need a lot of range and no road tax is sweet too.


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              I would recommend that your beta unit be capable of higher pursuers. I think you will find that pressure and volume are not linear. The last 200 PSI is almost useless.