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What is a Time-fill Nozzle, and why would anyone want one over any Fast-Fill version?

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  • What is a Time-fill Nozzle, and why would anyone want one over any Fast-Fill version?

    What is a Time-fill Nozzle, and why would anyone want one over a Fast-Fill version? Reason I ask is that for much the same price at least two nozzle manufacturers can supply fast or slow-fill nozzles. My Coltri is supplied with a FF WEH Model TK4, whereas WEH actaully make a slow-fill TK1 model too. Westech also do a time-fill / slow fill model. See pics.

    Incidentally, I'm hoping somebody has a now shonky old Fuelmaker or Phil only fit for scrap, that still has its filler nozzle good. Anyone?

    But back to my Q: The lower level models the manufactures make are clearly aimed at light-use applications. Not 365 days usage in filling stations by Joe Public. Is it 'marketing' or is there a solid reason for it? Why have a nozzle specifically for slow-fill?
    A Time-Fill Nozzle WEH Time Fill Nozzle
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    I don't know the answer but someone will. Maybe the internal passages are smaller on the time fill nozzles. As far as Fuelmaker nozzles are concerned, The 200 bar nozzles use a conventional SAE thread, the 250 bar nozzles use a smaller left hand SAE thread for the coupling to the hose. A real pain to find the fitting to connect to your valve.


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      This is what I consider a fast fill & time fill nozzle.


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        The Fuel Maker nozzles are both (3000 psi, 3600 psi) left hand thread. 3000 psi is 9/16" SAE LH and the 3600 psi is 7/16" LH.

        Fast fill typically has the vent valve or the vent valve is a separate part.

        Then you get into NGV1 and NGV2 types 1, 2 or 3.


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          Um, not sure I buy that, The lower spec FF nozzles don't have venting 'proper' either. In fact both flavours are available with or without separate venting. And until you look at high-end nozzles(like CNGmike's proper-job-model shown on left) , the venting is lashed-on external to the nozzle, whichever flavour you buy.
          I'm coming to the conclusion slow-fill is hogwash. Certainly with the WEH Models TK1 (slow-fill) and Model TK4 (FF) they look like exactly the same casting, so it can only be the orifice size. Thus it must be all about marketing. I'm suspecting teh makers do not want to harm the margins on the FF versions by selling them cheaper, but still want an entry price nozzle, so make a smaller aperture and call it a slow-fill, which in real-world use to the lower-price point, makes no odds to 'Joe-Public-Fuel-Maker-User' anyway.
          So far, until someone counters me, that fits as the only rational explanation.

          Whatever they want to call it, (I always liked Mary.) if your FM / Phill has gone shonky, a decent price awaits anyone with a spare nozzle.


          Thank you for alerting me to the reverse-thread issue on those that come ex-FM. I'm after a 200 bar people.
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            I'm looking for a breakway too, and now I notice these, as nozzles, get sold in two versions? "Curiouser and curiouser!, Queer and queerer" cried Alice.
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