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BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

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  • BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

    BRC FuelMaker has discontinued the Phill refurbishing process through the factory! All parts for rebuilding the Gen 1.5 Phill are available to authorized BRC FuelMaker distributors for repairs in the field, the same as VRA's.
    BRC FuelMaker will no longer support the main components of the Gen 1 Phill and the Distributors may offer a discount to upgrade trade-in customers to the Gen 1.5. The installation should be the same other than having to upgrade
    the power to 220 volt.
    Once the stock of rebuilt parts are used up, the only replacement parts available will be brand new parts. The good news is that all brand new parts will now have a 24 month or 2000 hour warranty (whichever comes first).

    Phill customers with the Gen 1 version (110 Volt) units should start planning on trading them in and/or upgrading them to a Gen 1.5 or an FMQ when they break, wear them out or time out.

    The new BRC FuelMaker distributor network in North American are building a one month inventory of parts and now have a network wide agreement with DHL for express shipping direct from the factory to the distributor.

    Distribution will no longer be through Impco Technologies in Santa Ana, California.

    Each Distributor may now designate sub-dealers and installers in their territories.

    For locating North American BRC FuelMaker distributors, see the BRC FuelMaker website-

    BRC FuelMaker is moving forward, BRC hired 10 engineers in December just for the Fuelmaker line, so I am expecting to see more improvements this coming year!

    Current supported products are- FMQ2, FMQ2-36, FMQ8-36, FMQ-10, Phill (Gen 1.5), Aux Fueling Panels and Remote Fueling Panels.

    Both the VRA's and Phill units no longer have a mandatory service interval, they will not shut down at 4000 or 6000 hours anymore.
    Dave Clement

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    Re: BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

    Dave, I was reading the specs. on the FM4 dated March 1994 vs the specs. of the FM2 dated January 1999. There seems to be a lot of similarities. Will I be out of luck when my FM4 dies?, or are there interchangeable modules to be had? Thanks, Joe


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      Re: BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

      The fan, controls and electronics are interchangeable.
      We are waiting to see what happens with the compressors, in the past there were some overheating issues trying to interchange models.
      Dave Clement


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        Re: BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

        Does anyone have a clue how much they want for changing Gen 1 to Gen 1.5? My Gen 1 is broken the 3rd time and I'm trying to get an offer from BRC, but the Italiens seem not to need money... but I have to decide whether to keep the installation or not soon, and for that I need to estimate the costs to get it running again.


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          Re: BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

          Does this mean I can throw away my Phill box?
          Silver 09 GX
          Phill G:1.5


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            Re: BRC FuelMaker disconinues support of Version 1 Phill

            BRC FuelMaker is offering an $1000.00 credit to trade in a version 1 Phill on a version 1.5.
            Dave Clement


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              I realize it has been over four years since the last comment was made on this thread, but I'm now having some problems with my Phill, and I have some questions. 1. If a Phill is 110 V, does that mean that it is a Version 1? Is BRC FuelMaker still offering a $1000.00 credit to trade in a Version 1 Phill on a new version? 3. If so, do I arrange that with BRC FuelMaker in Italy or with the local distributor?


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                Hi Michael,
                1. a 110v Phill is a gen 1 and no longer supported. Gen 1.5 is 240v and the new Gen 2 is 240v and has a new style airflow/internal gas sensor. The gen 2 no longer has the direct out the back venting. It must be out the top and elbowed to go through the wall.

                There are now 3 models of the Phill. The standard with indoor or outdoor install and automatic regenerative gas dryer. The basic model can be installed indoor or outdoor that eliminates the regenerative gas dryer and the smart model that is for outdoor install only. (eliminates the regenerative gas dryer and the air flow sensor)

                2. there is no credit available for the gen 1 machines. There is a federal tax credit of $1000. See IRS form 8911 (expires 12/31/2016 till further senate action)

                3 use your local distributor.

                For California try:

                Clean Energy
                Newport Beach
                C Energy Solutions