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Leak in Phill Hose Assy

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  • Leak in Phill Hose Assy

    Originally posted by slctech View Post
    If anyone is in need of there FuelMaker repaired, over-hauled, just need parts, rebuild kits, nozzles, or hoses, etc...feel free to call us.

    Go CNG Pumps
    Matt @ 801-759-1758

    My Phil has a leak error, and I just replaced the o-ring in my car's fuel intake and that didnt work

    must be a hose issue???

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    Re: GreenFuels New FuelMaker After Market Rebuild Kits and Rebuild Service

    Hi simivalley

    Try operating the Phill without being connected to the vehicle. It should pump up the hose and show full. If that fails disconnect the nozzle (at the breakaway) and try again and if it works you need a new lower hose. If that fails you need a new hose. Contact your Phill dealer for a replacement. Your dealer/servicer can replace it.


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      Re: GreenFuels New FuelMaker After Market Rebuild Kits and Rebuild Service

      Hi Amfuel,

      I have similar issues with one of my fill nozzle.
      If the fill nozzle is not connected to the vehicle, it will pump up the hose and show full.
      If it's connected to the vehicle, there is a leak between the nozzle and the vehicle's fuel tank intake.
      I think the fill nozzle is defective, and I tried to replace the nozzle, but I can't disconnect the bad nozzle from the fill hose. It's very tight. What kind of tool or wrench needed to to replace a new nozzle? Thanks!


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        Re: GreenFuels New FuelMaker After Market Rebuild Kits and Rebuild Service

        If your machine will pump up and show full when not connnected to the vehicle but shows a hose leak error when connected to your vehicle, the Oring in the vehicle receptacle is missing or damaged.

        Other than that if there is damage to the surface in the connection of either the receptacle or nozzle then that item will need replacing. I have seen scratches and screw driver marks in receptacles apparently from attempts to remove snow and ice because the cap is left off the receptacle and creating a poor surface for sealing to. (I live in a northern climate)

        I have the receptacle Orings for sale at They should show on the landing page as one of the items listed, if not go to the CNG parts category to find them.

        As for the inability to disconnect the lower hose from the upper at the breakaway, I usually have to put the lower hose under my foot and jerk on the upper hose to release the breakaway. It will take at least 80 pounds of pull to separate the breakaway connection.


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          Re: GreenFuels New FuelMaker After Market Rebuild Kits and Rebuild Service

          Couple ideas..make sure you still have the o ring in recptical on the car. If you are try to take then nozzle off the hose, it is a left hand thread and you will need to replace the o ring between the nozzle and the hose


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            Re: GreenFuels New FuelMaker After Market Rebuild Kits and Rebuild Service

            The o ring is there in receptacle on the car. I can use another nozzle to fill the car with no issues.
            If I use the defective nozzle to fill the car, I can feel the leak blowing between the nozzle and the receptacle. Where I can buy the o ring between the nozzle and the hose? Will replacing the o ring fix the leak or I need a new nozzle?


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              Re: Leak in Phill Hose Assy

              Yep...had the same problem, replace the o ring , the size is posted in here somewhere I got mine at the local hydralic shop. The nozzle besides being left handed is tight, take off the screwed on plastic cover and use a bench vise to hold the hose fitting.

              Good luck


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                Re: Leak in Phill Hose Assy

                Similar here, had a leaking nozzle.
                there are 3 O-rings you'd need for re-sealing the nozzle. Just today I picked some up at my store, but had to buy a bag of 25 each and now have 24 sets left over.....

                I got big help from this forum on how to take the nozzle apart. so I try to get it in a short document with pictures, too.


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                  Re: Leak in Phill Hose Assy

                  The Oring at the receptacle is a harder than normal Oring. You can use a hardware store Oring but it is too soft and may blow out and need replacng more often. Just saying...


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                    Similar situation here, had a leaking nozzle.
                    What is the O-ring size or spec for the yellow nozzle?
                    I see some O-ring in a plastic bag hanging on the side of the Phill, I do not know for what should be use for(came with unit).


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                      The orings in the bag are probably the ones that fit into the receptacle on your car. (wild educated guess)
                      A leaking nozzle itself is not usually an automatic reason to try and disassemble the nozzle.
                      Spray some silicone in the nozzle and quickly connect to the car and start the compressor. This should force some lube into the receptacle check valve and lube the nozzle at the same time. (lay a rag down to keep any drips off the car finish.
                      Lubing the nozzle every couple months is good practice. Run the lube procedure more often especially if you use public fueling at times.


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                        Your guess is correct. I installed one of the o-ring from the bag into the receptacle of the car and now is working.
                        But I am not sure if the o-ring belong in that area, I was able to place with my finger and I did not see a recess to prevent for the o-ring from blowing out.
                        I will follow the silicone recommendation. This forum is great and thank you for your help.