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    Re: honda liable

    Yes why not a class action suit.

    People who spent over market price for the GX, and at the much higher price on the GX in comparison to the regular Civic, in the hopes of refueling at home.

    Mainly because refueling stations are so far and few in all areas, especially in comparison to regular gas stations.

    Without being able to refuel at home, a GX is way to inconvenient to have and refuel.

    Most of the NG refuleing stations besides being 10+ miles away from my home, are not even conveniently located. This really makes thing tough, when the Phill stops working while in warranty, even though there isnt a warranty because of the bankruptcy.

    Now with no spare parts, or people to service them, what is anyone to do?

    Stuck with a car that isnt really worth the inconvenience.

    Your articles and web site lead people to believe all is great to be green, and this is the way to go.

    Basically, $30,000 for the car and refueling unit, compared to $15,000 for a regular Civic you can refuel anywhere.

    Pay a little more for gas, but at least you dont have a range limit, and gas is available all over.

    What is sad is that natural gas distributors like So Cal gas, which has locations everywhere, like a main location in Simi, doesnt have a retail dispensing unit. Only dispenses to buses, etc.

    Besides being a low cost to So Cal gas, it would create good will, and make them look like they want consumers to go green.

    Would be great PR and give them free publicity.

    Think about it!

    Sincerely, disgruntled GX owner in Simi Valley, Ca.


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      Re: honda liable

      Yesterday I was driving my classic car to a car club meeting. It was hot, I had no air conditioning, and because of its horrendous gas milage needed gas. I am old enough to remember when just about every major intersection had at least 2 gas stations. I was getting very worried if I would find a gas station in an unfamiliar area in So. Ca. I finally did. In 1966 only 5% of the vehicles had AC. I don't know if you can buy one today without it. I have been driving a CNG vehicle since 1991 I find when I am driving it I plan my routs very carefully, if I am doing any thing other than regular errands. When I bought my CNG I was fully aware of the pit falls and educate people of them when asked for my opinion. At this point in time CNG is not for every one. I have a Dodge CNG Caravan, go to a Dodge dealer and try to get support. Honda at least supports their vehicle. Should I and others like me sue Dodge? What about if Dodge goes belly up in the next couple of years who should we sue than. Obviously Fuelmaker had more problems than any of knows. Yes it is an inconvenience but Fuel Systems Solutions Inc. has said they will honor warranties and service.

      I would be willing to bet that 90% of the people that buy CNG vehicles do it so they can use the carpool lanes as a single occupant driver the fuel savings is a bonus, at home filling is a bonus, The time saved commuting far out weighs the premium price and fueling innocence for the vast majority of CNG drivers. Would any of these people want to give up the car pool lane? I hope so I am going to be replacing my CNG mini van and would like to do it as cheap as I did the last time.

      Just a thought.


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        Re: honda liable

        Dont know, but I save 10 minutes a day using the car pool lane, but now since the Phill doesnt work, I have to go 20-22 minutes out of the way each day to get fuel, so is there a real savings here?

        I have to do this every day, as opposed to filling up every 2-1/2 days. (Range 160 as opposed to 300)

        So seriously, the reason I bought it was two fold

        1. Car pool lane
        2. Filling up at home

        It certainly wasnt the cost savings, considering it was double.

        If So Cal gas would have a RETAIL not only wholesale/bus filling station in every city they have distribution, it wouldnt be so bad, when the home filling unit goes down.

        The more you read, it was Honda who makes and sells a CNG vehicle, that caused their own company, Fuelmaker to go out of business.

        Sounds like very bad PR and customer support.

        It is not like Honda doesnt have the cash flow.


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          Re: Latest FSS/FM Update

          Phill, is the second reason I will not buy another Honda GX. Honda pushed the phill unit to me when I bought my car, Had four Phills and none worked longer than 3 months, the last one installed a week before Honda forced Fuelmaker into receivorship. Honda was the majority stock holder and could not care less about us little guys that got stuck with a faulty car or Phill. Show your concern for them with your wallet, quit buying Honda!!!


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            Re: honda liable

            I wont say i wont buy another Honda, but never another CNG.

            I sent my Phil in for "not warranty", for because it has failed again, and besides its estimate of costing $2500 or so to repair, it will take 3 months.

            Well, so far it is "OVER" 3 months, and they wont reply when asked for an eta, we have emailed and called for over 7 days, and they say they dont know.

            This is the company who took over for Honda/Phil.

            They send the units to Italy to get fixed.

            Hummmmmm. Why? We cant manufacture parts to repair these? Seriously?

            Car pool lane is nice, but this is getting out of control.