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Fuelmaker C3 restoration

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  • Fuelmaker C3 restoration

    Hi everyone,

    still pretty new at your forum, glad I found somewhere I can contribute. Have always been interested in alternative fuels and have been given the opportunity to have a play so to speak with some interesting equipment. The biggest problem is cost. To buy a new compressor I need thousands of dollars. I was lucky to buy a fuelmaker c3 for 200 dollars used. It has not done much work and was used as a display unit about 15 years ago when the previous government looked at promoting alternative fuels.

    It has a few problems to note. It was missing the filling hose which I bought off a seller in Canada on ebay.

    Problem 1- As soon as the gas supply is turned on, the unit leaks gas from the vent port constantly. Its not a large leak but it is leaking and can feel a light gas pressure build up when you cover the port with your finger. So I opened up the top cover of the pulsation damper and checked the components for leaks with soapy water. none found. I also replaced all the o-ring seals to ensure aging and contrasction due to lack of use did not play a role. This has not solved the problem.

    Problem 2- The unit refuses to start. I pulled codes out of the unit and found 011 logged, a state not ready code caused by insufficient inlet pressure or fault in the control module. I checked all the voltages to the relevant components. The high pressure piezo sensor is receiving a 24v reference voltage and ground and outputing a signal. Checked the inlet pressure sensor, found it was not activating due to insufficient inlet pressure. Adjusted the screw until the supply pressure I gave was adequate to switch on and enable the module to fire the motor. The module still wont start.

    Problem 3- Found a rubber grommet floating around inside the top section of the pulsation damper and am not sure where it goes. (Possible cause of gas leak)

    I have also read in a safety recall of this unit there may be a burst disc located somewhere in the system to protect from over pressurisation of drum particularly when the check valve fails on the tank filler port.

    At this point I have diagnosed a internal fault in the main control board. A the unit is getting old and am having trouble finding parts I intend to utilise audrino components to make a replacement controller. It will include wifi capability, a digital lcd display to show fill level and power supply. I will post the build as it comes to pass.

    At this stage I am looking at fixing the gas leak first as I see no good reason to get the thing going if it leaks as its a safety hazard. Have ben incontact with Bob Hatton a regulr member but he has not responded to my in depth response so I think I am on my own on this one considering there is no one in Australia that deals in or works with these units.

    All help appreciated guys.