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C3 Timing Dongle / Chip

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  • nulafed
    started a topic C3 Timing Dongle / Chip

    C3 Timing Dongle / Chip

    I'm looking for instructions on how to either utilize the extra 2,000 hours on my C3 that was purchased with the additional hours and/or purchase a time extender dongle. I welcome anyones input on this topic. The unit was purchased years ago, purchased by John Prikkel in Ohio) used great and stored for 2 years ) then recently used again just fine. Thank you all in advance.

  • John Mitton
    There was a company in Ontario Canada who used to post here frequently about how they refurbish C3 units... had really top-notch expertise on care and servicing of these old units. Does anyone remember who it was, or have a contact for them?

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