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Phil 1.5: Leak at Breakaway

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  • Phil 1.5: Leak at Breakaway

    Hi everyone,
    I have a leak at the breakaway at higher pressures. Did a little research here, and saw an AMFUEL suggestion and pulled the breakaway out, silicone sprayed the mating surfaces and pushed it back together. It seemed to help a little, but I still have a small leak at high pressure. Are there any O'Rings to replace there? Or would applying some grease to the mating surfaces be something to try?

    Thanks for any guidance,


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    Separate the hoses so you only have the compressor side hose connected. Start and run a test fill and bubble test the breakaway, it will be a very short fill time. If it leaks replace it. If not the issue is on the car side hose breakaway.

    If the leak condition improved after the silicone spray, exercise the breakaway. (connect/disconnect a few more times to get the lube into the joint better)


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      I was getting some fuel at the Saratoga NY CNG station this week ( $ 1.49 GGE ) and met a guy with a Honda GX that he bought new some years ago that came with a Phill. He told me it died years ago , the cost quoted to repair the fill was way too high , was now selling his house and the Phill had to go. So being the nice guy I am I followed him home , de installed his Phill and took it home. After hooking it up it showed a hose leak error. I moved the hose outside the unit and the hose itself was leaking like crazy in multiple spots above 1000 psi. Doesn't look like they used the greatest material for these hoses!


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        Most of the issues with a fill hose that leaks is the over extension of the hose. It is a 15' coiled hose. Any stretching over about 8 feet causes stress and eventually will leak. The 90 degree nozzle is for stretching the hose across the car and preventing the sharp angle on the hose near the nozzle. I don't see hose leaks unless there is a habit of over stretching the hose.