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Phill 1.5 : "Back Pressure" Error. With or Without car hooked up

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  • Phill 1.5 : "Back Pressure" Error. With or Without car hooked up

    Hi All,
    In my saga to get my Phill running correctly, I have a new Error.

    Error is: 22222 (All lights flashing); Blow back error.
    This happens with the car hooked up or not.
    It will go through an initial 14 minute Drying cycle. the compressor will start up for the last 4 minutes of the drying cycle. then it'll start fuelling. It'll actually start filling the CNG tank for a bit, upto a few 100psi, then it'll stop with the 22222 Blowback error.
    Same thing with the car not hooked up, but it obviously has no tank to fill, and no tank to blow back.
    So Phill has to release pressure in the Line, when it's finished filling? Is there a valve or wire I can check?
    It might be something simple, as I've been inside Phill fixing other issues (mis-wire, and compressor head O'Ring) and may have knocked something loose.

    Thanks for any Help,


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    You are getting a 14 minute dry cycle when you start the Phill?
    Sounds like the electronics is stuck in the dry cycle. That burns a hose in the dryer when that happens. (energized too long//continuously)
    Blow back without being connected to the car. I'd suspect a control module issue.
    The mis-wiring was not good.


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      Thanks Amfuel. Yeah, wiring it up incorrectly wasn't good. Control Module issue. Thanks, I'll look into it. And post up any results I get.
      Thanks, Dan
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