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Phill 1.5: Strange behavior, "Excessive inlet Pressure" and "Hose Leak" errors

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  • Phill 1.5: Strange behavior, "Excessive inlet Pressure" and "Hose Leak" errors

    I recently fixed an O-Ring leak at the Compressor head(top left) in my Phill and now am having more errors. This is a used Phill that has never really run right while I’ve owned it. But it does not have many hours on it, ~500 hours. I use a public Fill station without any issues.
    The Nozzle has a leak when disconnected from the car. I have a new Nozzle on order. But when connected, I can’t find any leaks at the nozzle, breakaway, or inside Phill where the hose sleeving ends. And I fixed the Oring Leak at the compressor head.
    Running it and observing it, I find that the compressor rarely runs. Press the Start button, and it does a 10 min, drying cycle. Then the “Fuel Light” turns on, and the compressor starts for literally 1-2 seconds and then stops. Then it just sits there fan running, compressor not running, til the next dry cycle.
    After ~40 minutes, I get no pressure rise. And Sometimes I get a “01011” Excessive inlet pressure” or a “00111” Hose leak. Yesterday I had a pressure guage on the inlet and it reads fine at 9” W.C. If I release a little gas at the guage, it always comes back to 9“ W.C. But somehow while Phill is running, the inlet pressure increases, as if the Phill is blowing Gas back at the regulator, sometimes it creeps upto 15" W.C and I get the “01011” Excessive inlet pressure” . If I release a little Gas at the inlet guage, I won’t get the “Excessive” inlet pressure, rather after ~40 minutes of running with no pressure rise, it throws a “00111” Hose Leak Error.

    Any ideas? What confounds me is that the compressor runs for so short a time. Is it normal for Phil to run 2 seconds and then stop for the first fueling cycle to check for leaks? Additionally, during attempted fueling, the car's tank pressure guage reads, say 900 PSI, but Phil doesn’t show any of the 5 lights indicating the pressure. I would think at least one light would show, but the Phil is probably not generating enough pressure to light up a light.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Maybe there's another Oring I should check? or a check valve to replace?
    Thanks Dan

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    Hmmm... I'll PM you on this.


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      Replaced nozzle with new Parker SnapTite. Did some more measurements. Pressed Go button, Phill dryer runs approx. 14 minutes, Voltage is 239-241VAC. Then Goes to fueling LED. Compressor turns on volts down to 238vac. Compressor Runs 2 seconds. Stops. No noticible leak. Fueling LED stays lit. Besides fan noise make a there is a humming as if a motor is trying to run but can’t this sound very slowly oscillates. Does PHIL have a starting capacitor or something like that on the 240VAC. HVAC compressors have these, mine broke once and the compressor had power but couldn’t start the motor.
      Thanks for any help,


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        There are capacitors. Take the black cover off the electronics module and you'll see them.
        Check the errors by holding the stop button down. A series of the level lights will shine representing a code for the error..


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          Thanks AmFuel,
          I got the capacitors and the electonics Module out, they are all one piece.
          About the error Codes, yes thanks, I have the error codes in my first post. 00111, Hose Error.
          I read up on Start and Run capacitors for electric inductance motors and these capacitors maybe my issue. I’m going to replace both capacitors. I’ll post up my source for them.
          Thanks all,
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