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FMQ-2-36 temperature sensor

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  • FMQ-2-36 temperature sensor

    My fuelmaker recently shut itself off and displayed a flashing green light. When holding down the stop button to get the error, the code was 102: "Excessive surface temperature or failure of temperature sensor while the VRA is running." Further investigation revealed that the unit was not really getting hot, but the sensor had gone bad. The sensor is inside the expansion chamber where the motor is. The part was cheap, but gaining access for repair was a bit of work. FMQ-2-36 is running well again. There is a definite lack of affordable support for these compressors. I hope that by posting this repair, it may help someone else in the future.

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    Usually the error indicates the compression module is starting to seize, overloading the stator and tripping the temp sensor. Good catch. Yes the internal area of the control module takes the most work to get access too of the whole machine. 8 bolts and a spring seal.