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Phil O-Ring Size / Replacement Source?

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  • Phil O-Ring Size / Replacement Source?

    I have a Phil that won't pass pressure check and upon further research (thanks to many on this forum) is leaking like crazy from the noted o-ring failure. Anyone have a source for the proper o-ring replacement. It blows more soap bubbles that a group of 3-year olds at a birthday party
    This o-ring This fitting here

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    Go to your local auto parts store and have them match it up.


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      You will need Viton 90 durometer rings.
      Ray Contreras


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        I had a leak in the same place. Seems as they are " Dash number 113" Oring, I got some (alot) from McMaster carr. McMaster Carr # 9452K25, is for a 100 pack of the Buna-N, Durometer 70A. I used these and it worked, no more leak from there. I now have a leak in my hose but that's fro another thread.
        I also got McMaster Carr # 5308T171, which is for the same size but "Hard", with a 90 Durometer rating, as RContrera mentioned. I tried to get his one on, but because they are so hard, they are also stiff, and I couldn't get them to stretch over the male part. If I get nother leak, I'll try alittle harder.