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FuelMaker processor board failures

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  • FuelMaker processor board failures

    I installed a new FMQ-2-36 in October 2013.
    The board failed in July 2015, and was replaced, fortunately under warranty (BRC has a 2 year warranty on new machines).
    Now in December 2016, that board has failed, and I be paying for a new replacement, completed today.
    ?The compressor has 2120 run hours thus far.
    Something to be mindful of if you have an FMQ.
    Anyone out there tinker with repairing these beasts, as BRC does not, nor do they rebuild the compression modules?
    '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
    '08 Green Tea Metallic GX
    FMQ-2-36 Fueler

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    What kind of failure did you have?

    The usual issue is the fuse holder. Just enough vibration to cause the fuse to arc and burn the holder. It is usually many thousands more hours than the 2000 hours for a fuse holder to fail.

    I put some di-electric grease on the tip of the fuses to prevent any possible arcing in the holder. FM now has replaceable fuse holders on the new boards. Check to see if the fuse holder is replaceable on the new board. It will have 4 spade terminals attaching it to the board. Other than that, I'd be looking for power supply issues. Low or erratic voltage incoming.

    The compression modules can be sent to aftermarket rebuilders but they have no access to the proprietary knowledge so dependability may be compromised.


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      First failure in 2015: relays clicked OK, power was there to LED's, etc., but compressor would not start. They replaced the compressor only to find a new one still did not start - turned out to be a board failure.
      ?Second failure now: the compressor would quit shortly after starting as the vent fan did not run to provide cooling. Fan was replaced, only to find the new fan still did not run - turned out to be a board failure.
      ?Both boards were the newer type with spade terminals, etc.
      ?I will put the di-electric grease on the new board fuses just for good luck, and hope that never is a problem, but so far that does not appear to have been a previous cause.
      '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
      '08 Green Tea Metallic GX
      FMQ-2-36 Fueler


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        Since this seems to becoming a regular affair I'd start by checking the incoming line voltage. L1- 120v to N, L2- 120v to N and L1 to L2- 240v. If there is more than 3-5% difference leg to leg it can cause issues. (eventual motor damage) This can be related to motor control also as the relay and contactor contacts can get burned from the extra motor load. Especially the start load.


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          Also check for voltage drop at start up.


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            I had a bunch of problems with an older FMQ 2-36, after swapping boards, after spending a lot of money and not fixing the problem I just turn off the power after filling. The problems went away. I suspect there was something about the power quality that the FMQ did not like.