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cost for phill removal?

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  • cost for phill removal?

    1.) how much does it cost to have a phill removed? location - garage, close to electrical box

    2.) which steps does it entail?

    my guess is it involved disconnecting the gas line hookup and 240v electrical, and disconnecting the wires from the box, and plugging the gas line hookup

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    Cost in California?????

    The typical Phill is plugged into an outlet. (comes with the cord)
    Disconnect the gas line. (typical is gas flex like on a stove or dryer) Be sure to plug the open gas line
    Remove the ducting (5" typical duct) from the top and the vent line from the bottom (3/8" flare fitting, copper line goes through the wall)
    Unplug the remote sensor. (from the bottom of the Phill) Take the sensor off the ceiling. (especially if planning an indoor install)
    Loosen the locking screw on the mounting plate. Slide the lock tab out. (usually on the bottom mount plate)
    Lift the Phill off the mount plates. (it does weigh about 100 pounds so get help)
    Remove the 4 lag screws holding mounting plates.
    Unscrew the nozzle holder from the wall.
    1/2 hour or so to dis-install the Phill unless you are practiced at installations.
    The biggest cautions are - it is heavy and clumsy and never stand it on end. Lay it down on its back.
    If you are planning on shipping it there are a couple additional steps. Open the front and tighten the shipping screws. Evacuate the gas from the Phill. (loosen some fittings temporarily)
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