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Question about buying used FMQ 8-P36

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  • Question about buying used FMQ 8-P36

    Hi guys,

    I have been browsing through this forum to see what used compressors cost and how to determine what they are worth. I am going to look at an FMQ 8 P36 with 20 tanks. The system is about 5 years old I believe. I have not seen it in person yet but will soon. What questions should I ask about it? Do these machines have hour meters somewhere? According to their website, the only dealers for Tennessee are:
    Phoenix Energy Corp.
    164 Lewis Lake Lane, 35125, Pell City, AL 35125
    Atlanta Gas Light
    5105 Tulane Drive, Atlanta, GA 30336

    Do you guys know of a place in Tennessee that can either certify or or refurbish this unit if I decided to buy it? What is the going rate of a used FMQ8? Thank you guys so much for your help!

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    There are 4 hour meters on the back of the electronics module. Checking the hours is done with laptop diagnostic software. There is also a page in the software with an error history. - never mess with the hour meters or other connectors with power to the Q8.

    5 years old is one of the first Q8's produced in Italy.

    The two companies listed are the nearest authorized sales/service locations.

    If the Q8 is not installed and working (or electrically connected there is no way to test or run diagnostics.

    Value? $5000? to $20,000? depending on condition, (working or not, hours on the compression modules) age, error history and asking price.

    If there are 5000, 6000 or 7000 hours on the hour meters expect weak performance as is.

    Some of the first to come out of Italy had bad epoxy on the motor module locating pin (on the side of the mm) and would cause a slight leak. Easy fix by replacing the epoxy.


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      Thank you Amfuel, you are full of useful information. I will keep these points in mind when I go look at the unit tomorrow.


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        You didn't mention what the duty cycle is for the unit you are considering. How many vehicles you'll be fueling and how much fuel will you need to pump per month. Matching your equipment to the need of your fleet is critical in reducing your long term costs. The FM8 may, or may not be the right choice for you. Fill us in on what you project for fuel use.


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          Hi Curtis,

          We currently have 2 cng trucks, will be getting another soon for a total of 3.

          We currently have an FM8 but worry that it may not be enough for our needs as 2 of the 3 vehicles will require fast filling. Since looking at the used FM8 system, we learned that we might be able to get by with additional storage instead of an additional FM8. I do like the idea of redundancy though.



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            hello paidin welcome I build and sell Davey compressors for cng fueling I have one in off lease right now with about 1200 hours the hours will increase as we are using it . it will pump 7 gge per hour and we are in Tennessee so service is not a is natural gas driven so no power is needed just one hose to hook to the meter and you are fueling in 10 min after it arrives on is a oil type compressor and will normally run 10000 hours before rebuild. that would be 70 thousand gges. all 4 valves can be cleaned or changed in about 5 hours after you do it the first time. if you have any interest you can call me at 423-871-1106 this is my cell . I live in the sticks so if you don't get me send a text and I will call you back.