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Phil Nozzle removal

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  • Phil Nozzle removal

    Hi All,
    Hoping I can get some help on how to remove the break away filling nozzle for a Phil. I am hearing a leak and a small crack or seam opening on the joint of the nozzle part of the breakaway. Hoping I can just buy the part and replace the nozzle.
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    Silver 09 GX
    Phill G:1.5

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    It is a pull apart fitting. It takes about 80 pounds of pressure to pull it apart.

    If it is the new style with the fitting near the compressor just give the hose a good solid jerk.

    If it is the old style with the fitting near the nozzle put the hose under your foot and jerk it apart.

    Lubricate the fitting with some silicone spray and put it back together. (It goes together a lot easier than it comes apart.

    Maybe a little lube is all you need. (Press the check valve on the tip of the male end a couple times when you have it apart to see that it moves freely. It is spring loaded but needs to move smoothly)


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      There'a a guy on ebay selling proper, proper Sherex breakaways for USD25.00, needing only the O ring kit. I bought two. So if yours is in anyway fouled-up these at USD5-600 a pop are a must.