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FMQ Blowing Fuses

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    You can also contact Michigan CNG for assistance 586-465-4111


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      The machine displays a steady green light and steady red light when both buttons are pressed.

      When I press the start button, the machine starts to run. It sounds different while than normal while it is running. It stops running after seven seconds, and one of the fuses on the circuit board is blown.

      The resistance between pins 1 and 4 is open. I thought that was odd so I measured the resistance between pin 1 and all of the pins on the 9 pin connector. All pins were open except for pin 2. The resistance between pins 1 and 2 is 16.5 ohms.


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        When both start and stop buttons are pressed it is showing that there are between 350 - 649 hours left before service. Being an FM4, back in those days they used a 4000 hour limit on the hour meter so they (FM) could have the service to find/test for wear and weaknesses. That test practice went away in 2010 and hour meters are now good for 25,000 hours.
        Pressing the stop button only will give the fault error.

        It is running on the start winding and blows the fuse because it is not switching to the run winding after 7 seconds or the fault is related to the run mode. The fault is likely in the electronics module. (assuming you go back and double check the 4 pin connector)(if I said 9 pin connector that was my error, check across the 4 pin connector grn/wht is #3)

        Pins 1-4 are the start winding. I suspect you're not getting accurate readings from your meter this time around or you're checking the wrong connector.

        Please refrain from starting the machine in its present condition as more damage to the parts may result.


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          The resistance between pins 1-4 is 6.6 ohms.

          When the stop button is pressed for an extended period of time all three lights are illuminated.


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            6.6 ohms is a good start winding.

            All three lights steady (111) is an electronics error. Could be a stuck contactor, bad capacitor or ????.


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              Can I send the electronics module somewhere to be tested?


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                I replaced the electronics module with my spare, and experienced the same problem. The one fuses on the electronic module blew after several seconds.
                Then I replaced replaced the compressor module with my spare compressor module, and experienced the same problem. Then I replaced the control module, and the compressor started running. Does anyone rebuild control modules?


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                  Maybe Ron Contreras can help you. He's a member here.


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                    I had similar issues.
                    energy tree CNG fixed it for me
                    cost quite a bit of money