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Odd behavior from my Phil (HRA-P-36)

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  • Odd behavior from my Phil (HRA-P-36)

    My pump, over a very short period of time developed several odd behaviors that I cannot identify. Several weeks ago, the center pressure indicator light decided it was never going to turn off. It is on at about 1/2 normal intensity compared to the brightness when filling the tank.

    When starting a fill, it used to pump until the pressure in the hose reached the pressure in the tank. You could see this by watching the lights on the front. The more full the tank was when starting, the more lights came on. Then the pump pauses, I assume checking for a pressure leak, then begins filling the tank. Now, regardless of how full the car tank is, it pumps til one light is on, then pauses and resumes. In the morning I disconnect, the pump shows a full tank with no errors and the gauge in the car shows a proper full tank. When I return from work, the red error light on the pump is on. So sometime during the day while it is just sitting there an error occurs? This is happening every fill. If I push the stop button, all the lights except the center one goes off. If I hold the stop button down, no error code is shown.

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    With the center light staying on I'd bet on that pad. (stick on touch pad/lights display) needs replacing. There could be an electronics issue (defect or need reprogramming)

    With the new forum software I can't tell where you are so unable to refer you to the distributor in your area.


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      the member's location can be seen on member's profile page - just click on the name. I know it was nicer with older gui - perhaps the location can be added again.
      masosnoski is from Anaheim, California


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        There are no switch/button pads for any of the lights on the Phill. Just the start and stop buttons, but they don't have any lights associated with them. Was hoping that someone else may have had a similar issue. I'll wait a few more days then contact the repair guy. My car is at a body shop right now. Some teenage girl decided the text she was writing was more important than my car legally parked on a neighborhood street.



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          I have had the same issue for a while now.
          The only difference with mine is that it stopped happening so often after a good solid shutdown and reboot (Powered down for a day)
          As for now I occasionally see the middle light on but dim when all the others are off.
          I now get the no error, error code and just reboot once every 6 months or so.

          For the error code, it would probably be best to see if there is a FW update. for the panel, well i just cant justify getting a Field service tech to drive up from so cal and charge me 400 for the drive.

          they make money that way because they schedule a FSE to come up and schedule multiple appts yet charge every customer the same 400. $$$.

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        I'm beginning to think this is an internal power supply problem. My car had been in repair for most of the last month, so I haven't been using the pump. Last night I hooked up, two lights were on (half bright) and the error light was "half on" as well. I pushed the button to start, and nothing happened. The error light came on full bright and the error code was 01111 when I held the stop button down. It was late and I thought I'd look up the code later, but after dinner I didn't feel like it and left the pump hooked to the car. When I came out this morning the pump was running normally. Based on the fuel meter in the car when I hooked it up and when I disconnected it, I'd guess the pump was running for about 6 hours. It was connected to the car for about 13 hours. If it is self starting, that would explain the error code between fill ups that I've been getting.

        A low or noisy DC power supply can make digital electronics do odd stuff with multiple symptoms. Anybody know how/where to check the voltage. I'm a EE and I have the equipment to test it, just don't know the test point or expected voltage.



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          Don't know about the dimmed light issue. What it sounds like is you stopped the Phill during a dry cycle. Kept playing with it and etc. Finally giving up and it ran through the dry cycle in its entirity. An interruption (shutting the Phill off) of the dry cycle causes the dry cycle to start over. Only when it completes the dry cycle will it go back to filling. This can be confusing as most of the times the dry cycle is during the night or not unnoticed.


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            Sorry it has taken so long to continue this thread. My pump no longer functions. Tried unsuccessfully to work with Clean Energy in SoCal. Either they are totally incompetent or they do not want anything to do with the Fuelmaker repair market. Probably both. I work with a guy from Italy and he spoke to Fuelmaker personnel directly on my behalf. After a number of weeks of back and forth regarding symptoms, they put me in touch with "Jaycox Construction" out of Riverside. Fuelmaker is trying to groom Jaycox to takeover Fuelmaker repair in SoCal. They apparently understand the problems with Clean Energy.

            Jaycox charged me $360 to tell me the repair cost would be $3086. I'd gotten a $2000 buy down on the pump when I bought it, so the repair costs after 2 1/2 years (2800 hours of operation) is greater than the original purchase price. I asked Fuelmaker if they would give me some consideration on the cost of their parts, given that is was just out of warranty and the failures appear catastrophic. Their response was to quote me the warranty.

            So suffice to say, I cannot recommend this pump to anybody unless they have really deep pockets. From my vantage point, it has less than a 2 1/2 year life expectancy, is difficult to find support for, is excessively expensive to repair, there is no technical information available for it and the manufacturer doesn't care about your problems.


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              Sadly this isn't the first time I have heard of issues with fuelmaker products. Par for the course it seems.

              Maybe consider selling it on ebay?


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                Yes, I will sell what I can. It has the right angle connector as well.


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                  Sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered.

                  I have a Phill listed in the market place section of this site.

                  If you want, I will give you a trade in value for yours as a discount on the listed one.

                  50/50 trade + shipping. (about $350 to/from Cal - each machine is about $175 to ship)

                  I can't see the justification in the numbers you were given. It may be heavily weighted on the labor or the machine is a abominated.

                  The machines I have in the field have been for the most part, rock solid.

                  Or send it to me and I'll do the diagnostics with the option to repair or trade.

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                    Amfuel, trdscfjc, please keep this thread on topic of the Fuelmaker Phil, thanks.


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                      Update on my Phil Strange behavior. much like the original post...

                      1. Center gauge fuel level light ight is 1/4-1/2 illuminated, depends on the day. i wonder if it is line noise coming into the unit.
                      2. When plugging the unit in with the tank half full, it seems like it takes 30 minutes of fueling until the panel gauge starts lighting up.
                      3. it is taking a bit longer to fuel the Honda under normal conditions i have experienced when new.
                      4. Occasional error code red light before first fill cycle completes, ends or is not connected to the receptacle at idle.

                      I have run about 6,500 GGE out of this thing on a 2010 V1.5... 1 service call but I think it is going to go soon.
                      Thinking of buying a new one, probably either the cheapest indoor model and 3000 psi is just fine ( Forget how many models are out now )
                      But thinking i can just buy from CNGAZ if it is legal and install it myself since everything is already hard wired now.
                      Who can I get in touch with in the Bay area since service outfits change all the time???

                      Silver 09 GX
                      Phill G:1.5


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                        Yep. My Phill just took a dump. Seems like the error code output differs between Software upgrades...

                        Error code shows (00111) with firmware version updated by Masnfield GESI service on 12/2012
                        Model: HRA-P36-G1.5
                        MFG Date: 9/2010
                        Working hours show "all 5 lights" illuminated when START and STOP are pressed
                        Hardware: 005776 2
                        Software: 10.15
                        CRC: 30f4

                        Since I'm in the Bay Area, I'm wondering if C Energy Solutions may be able to help??
                        Silver 09 GX
                        Phill G:1.5


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                          00111 - Check the following for the source of a gas leak:
                          - Nozzle
                          - Breakaway Assembly
                          - Refueling Hose
                          - Vehicle
                           Repair as required.
                          This error may occur if the vehicle tank is nearly empty. Use public refueling station to partial fill tank before using