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Phil with " Low Flow " error

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  • Phil with " Low Flow " error

    I have a Phil that is giving a low flow error on the indicators. I was hoping that Energytreecng can provide support and repair for it. I emailed Ken a week ago to ask if they can help fix my Phil and what the costs are but so far no reply.

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    Re: Just placed a order with

    Low flow isn't a code.

    Low air flow is, Low inlet pressure is, Low voltage is.

    I will assume the error is low air flow. There are a number of reasons for the error.

    1. the foam pads on the inner shroud fell off decreasing the air flow. 01001 re-glue the pads in place or cover the openings with another material.
    2. bugs under the air switch. (sail switch) 01001, 01111 gently sweep out from under the sail switch with a soft paint brush
    3. exhaust vent partially plugged or damaged. 01001, 01111 clean the screen on the outlet of the exhaust vent for bugs/debris
    4. bad air switch. 01111 replacement required.

    Codes top to bottom 1=light on, 0=light off


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      Hi, I have a Phill with a similar issue. Phill HRA-P36 G1.5
      I can no longer get through a drying cycle. I got a "Low air flow" error(01001). the fan comes on but weakly, and doesn't sound good. . I read some threads on this forum, and tried this. Powered down Phill, weighted the air switch (sail switch), powered back up, and I got an "Airflow switch error (01111). Makes sense, I guess, with fan off, it probably checks the switch position, and throws the error if the switch is shows airflow when it shouldn't. Then I got smart and waited unit the drying cycle turned on the fan, then weighted the switch. Then I got an "all lights flashing" system error? Anyway, I can see the sail switch, with the fan on, its waivering, up and down, so the switch is probably not making good solid contact.
      I'd like to replace the fan, does anyone have a link or part number for a replacement fan?
      I'd appreciate any help.



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        AmFuel is helping me source a fan and possibly an air flow switch. Thanks AmFuel!
        If I get a few more posts, I can respond to PRivate Messages


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          TO follow up, I got a used fan from AMFuel, pulled out teh old one and put in the new "used" one and the fan worked great. But I could see that the flat aluminum "sail" thing on the flow switch wasn't consistently staying up, the flow was fine. I added a little packing tape to the sail to give it more surface area, and now it stays up consistently when the fan is on. and the code is gone. But now I have (00111) "No pressure Rise" error... Sigh... more trouble shooting.. thanks, Dan


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            Here is the code 00111 (bottom three lit) Check the following for the source of a gas leak:
            - Nozzle
            - Breakaway Assembly
            - Refueling Hose
            - Vehicle
             Repair as required.
            This error may occur if the vehicle tank is nearly empty. Use public refueling station to partial fill tank before using Phill.

            Bubble check the nozzle and breakaway fitting.
            Bubble check the nozzle - car connection.
            Open the fronc cover and bubble check the end of the yellow hose sheathing. (especially if the hose sheathing is kinked or damaged or if the normal stretch to the vehicle is more than 8')
            All these checks will need to have the Phill pump up a bit to show the leak.

            Other leak checks involve the inner cover removal.


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              Thanks AmFuel, I was reading some other posts and opened up the inner cover, and found a leak with the soap bubble test. It was where the metal pipe meets the cylinder. A common place it seems. I replaced that o'ring and verified no leaks there anymore. But now I get a hose leak error. (01010, I think?) . I verified I have good inlet gas pressure (9-10" W.C.) . I get the leak with the car disconnected, and its leaking at the fill nozzle. But with it connected to the car, I can't find the leak. my tank pressure is pretty low, so I may try filling at a station and see what happens. I'll read up on hose leak posts here as well. Thanks AmFuel!!


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                Spray some silicone in the nozzle and exercise it a number of times to get the lube inside the nozzle. That usually cures a nozzle leak.
                You didn't mention the car/year model. 2012 civics had/have some issues with filling.


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                  Thanks AmFuel.
                  I'll try the silicone. It's actually a Conversion. Diesel / CNG Dual Fuel, conversion.
                  And It looks like my Phil Nozzle and lower hose had been replaced before. Lower hose is a stainless steel braided hose, ~15 ft I'd say. and the nozzle is a Parker Nozzle. Doesn't look like the lower hose and nozzle in the Phil 1.5 Manual.
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