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Moving... What to do with my Phil?

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  • Moving... What to do with my Phil?

    Hi All,

    I'm moving and going to uninstall my Fuelmaker Phill and take it with me or sell it.

    It has served me faithfully for 4+ years and has just over 6000 hours on it. The compressor is still good enough to get about 1/3 tank full of gas.

    So, I am wondering, it is worth rebuilding? Is there someone out there who re-builds these?

    I've been keeping it around for emergencies when my local gas station isn't working. I can get enough gas overnight to make it to work or another cng station ~ 50-75 miles.

    I'd almost prefer to sell it at this point and buy a FM4 or ??? Is it worth something to someone else as a return or exchange for credit towards a re-built unit. I heard at one point I'd get a $1500 credit towards a refurbished unit as a trade in. I am not active in the community as much as I used to be so I am not aware of what's out there right now.

    If I were to sell it, what do you feel the estimate and fair price is for something like this?

    The hose is relatively new and got replaced when they recalled them some time ago. There have not been any major issues with the unit itself, a leaky O-ring once that was easily replaced is the only problem I've ever had.

    I'd appreciate any advice. If you are interested in buying it let me know also.


    I live in Eastvale / Corona California if you are nearby.
    Jim Blair
    2004 Honda Civic GX

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    Re: Moving... What to do with my Phil?

    Thanks for all the advice and suggestions, I sold it on Craigslist.
    Jim Blair
    2004 Honda Civic GX