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Home VRA model SF01-SM1 in Youngstown, OH for $4k obo

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  • Home VRA model SF01-SM1 in Youngstown, OH for $4k obo

    Ran across this "Fuelmaker wanna be" home VRA that is listed on Craigslist in Youngstown, Ohio area for $4,000 or best offer. Says it is brand SF series model SF01-SM1 . . . whoever that is and new out of crate!

    See at:

    Anyone in that area of Ohio interested to check this out? Really 3 phase 220 volt power?

    (Not Mine . . . just FYI)

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    Re: Home VRA model SF01-SM1 in Youngstown, OH for $4k obo

    Straight from China to you with no service or support. A lot of these compressors came with inverters to allow you to operate a 3 phase motor on single phase service. It also allowed the manufacturer to sell his 50 cycle units in the US because the inverter can also change frequency. 4 KW is about the limit for cheap inverters, so they could be used with this type of unit but they didn't bother to provide one with it. Another giveaway of potential problems is the spec sheet shown says it is a 50 cycle unit and a 2900 psi unit. Just changing the nameplate doesn't prevent motor overload and compressor damage by increasing the discharge pressure to 3600 psi and speeding the motor up almost 20% due to the frequency change. Chinese compressors are best left in someone else's garage.


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      Re: Home VRA model SF01-SM1 in Youngstown, OH for $4k obo

      Good luck getting it permitted, as it has no UL listing and fire & city will blow a gasket if the home owner tries to do this correctly. What contractor in his right mind would do an illegal install. I have deleted this link to the unit for these very reasons. Do not let your enthusiasn for CNG lead you down the wrong path there cngacross... er, I mean KSneed.