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  • Disruptive Compression Technology Northwest Natural Gas Company (NW Natural) of Portland, Oregon and Carnot Compression LLC based in Scotts Valley, California have formed a consortium to build and test an innovative CNG refueling unit. The planned 2-GGE/hour prototype compressor will use Carnot

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    I'm not holding my breath, remember when g.e./Eaton got like 15 million of tax payer money to develop a 500$ home compressor. ...what a waste on a pipe dream

    Let's get more coltri mch5s in the u.s. straight from italy for 5k a pop and avoid the nuvair/greenline 300% markups.


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      Unfortunately, straight from Italy, they don't meet standards for installation in the US. If they did, I would be selling a TON of them.
      Ray Contreras


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        The 300% marked up Coltri mch5 modified by greenline doesn't either if your talking nfpa52, the basic coltri mch5 can and has been authorized by some cities for residential installation.

        Then there are some that just install it, to some it's worth saving several thousands of dollars a year and don't even get the city involved in what goes on in their private property.