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Coltri MCH5 Redeisgned Head Piston

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  • Coltri MCH5 Redeisgned Head Piston

    Does anyone know where I can find just the piston for the 3rd stage red redesigned head. It is part number 2.2 of the attached document. Coltri sent me the kit but sent the wrong (old Style) piston. I have everything else including rings. Just need the piston. Thanks 151126-1543-new-kit-head-3rd-stage-mch-811131618.pdf

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    Why not just contact them again and ask them to replace with the right one? Unfortunately, the US distribution requires purchasing the piston and cylinder as a kit.
    Ray Contreras


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      You are correct, Ray. I am dealing with Coltri now. Looks like they recognized the error of sending the wrong piston and will be sending the correct one at no cost.


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        Coltri seem to be having issues with supply of the third stage, or more correctly getting all the correct parts together in one assembly. I too had a new type "red head" piston/barrel assy. come with the old style piston. , I didn't notice at first, er... it works like that. Coltri sent me another. Also had problems with the valve machining not being on the same 'plane' (see and again Coltri came good.

        BTW: A little birdie has given me word that those third stage barrels are 'soft as a babies bum'. Can't truly blame Coltri too much. After all, business is business and all that.