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new cng compressor from Coltri...looks good

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  • new cng compressor from Coltri...looks good

    Watch "MCH-14/ET CNG Nuovo Compressore per metano" on YouTube

    Looks like a real nice design (5.5 KW, 6.7 HP 3-phase)..single piece machine, looks like the control box is built into the cabinet with a methane detector

    my italian is a little rusty but it looks like this thing may be temp. compensated.
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    Re: new cng compressor from Coltri...looks good

    My Italian is not that rusty, but there are a lot of technical terms that I am not familiar with. Nonetheless, I only saw in the video information on temperature gauges as safety measures. I do not think this compressor is temperature compensated. I think if it were temperature compensated (temperatura compensato, compensazione di temperatura, compensazione al ambiente termpratura, o qualcosa del genere) it would be prominent in the video. It was not. I followed the link below the video to the Coltri website. It does not show this model yet.
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      I sold two pieces and put into operation.a lot of problems with the electronic unit.