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Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

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    Regulation in this country is a double-edged sword. It makes doing business harder and more frustrating - as a CNG guy trying to work in California I can attest to that. But it also helps keep junk like the Galileo out of industry, which is a good thing. It helps set a high bar for performance and for safety and that is how you play the 'long game'. Don't forget, our good friends at SoCalGas were ALSO the guys who hailed the 'Hurricane' as the next great breakthrough in CNG technology - now they are touting the Galileo. I for one am glad they are leading the charge - they are the only organization I can think of with enough money to waste on a fools errand such as this without going bankrupt. A strong argument can be made for learning everything NOT to get involved in, by looking at the machines SoCal has endorsed: Fuelmaker, Hurricane, Galileo.....