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Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

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  • Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

    Anyone know anything about the new Galileo compressor and pumps that are going into the Southern California Gas station in Riverside?

    Galileo is an Argentinian company that describes itself as a world leader in CNG fueling technologies. Their web site shows a number of "plug and play" compressors and dispensers that are used in Argentina, India, and other countries.

    For NGVs, Argentina is the real deal. They are the number 1 or 2 player in the world. Even though Argentina has a fraction of the size and population of the US, they have about 2 million NGVs and 2000 CNG stations.

    Galileo describes their technology as something like a CNG station on a skid. For example:

    Some time ago, I was investigating the cost of building commercial cng stations, and came across Galileo. But I never saw an installation in person. It looks like SoCalGas is constructing one that may replace a more traditional installation at thier Riverside location.

    If there is an "off the shelf" commercial fueling operation that can lower station construction costs, this could be important.

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    Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

    Microbox brochure
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      Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

      I was talking to a CE service tech that was less than impressed with a Galileo skid at the Seal Beach station.


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        Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

        What is the cost of a nanobox?
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          Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

          Argentina has a huge fleet of CNG-powered vehicles, but since China became the biggest automotive market it can possibly become the world's #1 market for CNG. BTW these CNG home refueling stations can be a good option but are forbidden where I live.


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            Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

            Self contained "Skids" are nothing new. In fact, there are even companies, like Mid Coast Gas, that have a self contained station on a mobile trailer. Just add the dispenser and you're in business. This saves time and problems with the permitting process, as a dispenser is easier to permit than a station. The trailer is chained down to secure it and you have a station in a fraction of the time, but even this is not new.


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              Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

              Curtis is right . . . this is not rocket science as plenty of other countries are installing thousands of small, medium and large public cng refueling stations that do NOT cost a million bucks a site!! Major branded stations like Shell with Galieo station equipment exist all over the place in countries like Argentina, Phillipines, etc.

              Believe it . . . . the world is NOT flat . . . . and there are OTHER ways to get cng stations than CE/GE !!

              USA is just so bureaucratically / politically / stupidly . . . . stuck in the mud that CNG isn't taking off like it should! Let's shake off the shackles of CE and get these affordable cng public pumps All Across The USA !!


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                Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

                Bureaucracy is and has been a major damper to CMG / LGN adoption, IMO. I’m hopeful that the high cost of crude will grease the skids of NGV adoption. I may also be one of a minority, but I sure wish that I had a lower cost 2800 to 3000 psi home fueling device, that was as easy to install, read low bureaucratic overhead, as a new range, dryer or water heater. I don’t often need 3600 psi, just a dependable 3 to 4 GGE nightly.

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                  Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

                  Here, here! Even 2 GGE nightly would satisfy most commuters (at least those outside of Southern California). That's about the range of the Nissan Leaf.
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                    Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

                    Bumping an old thread. Did So Cal Gas ever actually install and test the microbox station ?


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                      Re: Galileo "station in a box" in Riverside

                      As I recall, in 2011 the Microbox was installed in the same enclosure as the existing CNG station at SoCal's Riverside facililty. It had a yellow tape around it - I was told it was put there by weights and measures who hadn't come up with a way check the dispenser readout. Later I heard it had cleared inspection and was in use.


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                        Galileo NANO BOX listed by City of Ankeny Iowa offered at $75K on eBay ended without a sale 11 Feb 2016. Flow rate given is 840 gge/hr (50 Nm3/min). Street view on Google shows unit where it was installed at city yard in Iowa with work trucks and refuse trucks (last photo.)


                        It may be that the larger Galileo MICRO BOX unit that had been installed at the SoCalGas - Riverside Base CNG public station a decade ago was later replaced with another brand.

                        I referred to street views of Riverside and Ankeny to see that the units had actually been installed and were operational. SoCalGas is a private utility and City of Ankeny is government. The SoCalGas MICRO BOX may not have been left in service (replaced) due to performance or permitting. As a government agency, Ankeny was able to use its system but now finds itself unable to sell it because of the low cost of other fuels; or the asking price is too high. Or, possibly, because non-government buyers fear they cant get government permit departments to approve a system made in Brazil and used internationally.

                        Of added curiosity is the inset photo in the lower right of the specification page. A NANO BOX is installed on top of the fuel station canopy to save space!

                        CNG_Nano.pngCNG_Nano_eBay.png cng_riverside_SoCal.png CNG_Nano_TylerTX.png


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                          I looked into the nano box (the smallest of galileos station offerings) and cost was 250,000 to 500,000 , compressor is capable of 12-20 GGE a hour depending on inlet pressure...what a joke

                          a much better option is

                          13.5-28 GGE/Hr. for 5 psi inlet, 20psi inlet single compressor packages with Ingersoll rand being the compressor supplier...iirc cost was 50,000$

                          another option is Coltri MCH10 or 24 and do 5-12 GGE/Hr., couple that to a Tulsa gas dispenser and a small 3 tube storage tank and you could have a nice little station for under 20,000-30,000$


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                            More about the SoCalGas Microbox evaluation in Riverside, and Galileo replacement by Kwik Trip was found in these two threads:

                            Home > Forum > Welcome > In The News > SoCalGas Brings Galileo CNG Refuelling Microbox to USA

                            . . This is a test only, with which there have been issues already. I cant talk about what the issues are, but there is still work to be done by Galileo before these are prime-time fare for US markets . .

                            . . So they can use a Galileo Mcro-box in CA???? What about the minimum clearances in NFPA 52?
                            Requirements: 15ft between storage and compressor, 3ft between storage and dispenser.
                            A mobile IMW skid is 24ft long and the clearances can be adhered to with that length . .

                            Home > Forum > Welcome > In The News > Kwik Trip Opens 28th CNG Station

                            . . Kwik Trip replaced the Galileo compressors while still under warranty. They are using Ariel now . .


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                              so they are overpriced and have issues....sounds like a great deal !