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  • Compressor

    Do these parts look familiar to anyone, from the 3rd stage. From a compressor bought from China, great service before the sell, no support after the sale. My next compressor will be bought from a US dealer. This was bought from Shenyang Newtech Internation,Co, LTD.
    3rd head with valve ass. 3rd head cylinder

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    Copper tubing from the 3rd. stage head? Copper is not a material I am use to seeing on a high pressure compressor.


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      If it is a Coltri clone, some of the Italian parts might be the same dimensions. Have a look at the Coltri threads, for parts vendors. Better yet, cut your losses , scrap it, and buy something name brand with a dealer network


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        I know it looks like copper but does not bend like copper.Got some parts for my compressor, have been told many of the compressors from China are clones of Coltri or Bauer, do any of these parts look familiar.


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          These looks like mch6 Mike Casey at

          They may be able to help, post more pictures of the compressor also include any stamp markings even if it's in Chinese

          Have you emailed the manufacturer and asked for parts?


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            Yup ... that is a Chinese knock off of the MCH6. Unfortunately, our parts don't fit exactly. For example, the 4th stage piston on the MCH6 is grooved but does not have any rings wile the Chinese version is a little longer and has a couple of rings. And Mike at LF won't be of any help since they primarily make parts for Bauer machines. I know you don't want to hear this, but your best bet is trying to get parts from your Chinese connection.
            Ray Contreras


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              I was able to get parts from China. The parts in the picture are the replacement parts for the compressor.