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Westport WiNG Hits the Road

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  • Westport WiNG Hits the Road


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    Performance results not easily found following trip

    May 21 Cleveland, OH Valley Ford Truck Sales
    May 21 Canton, OH SARTA Fuel Station
    May 22 Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny Ford Truck Sales
    May 23 Pottstown, PA John Kennedy Ford
    May 24 NYC, NY Times Square; 43rd & Broadway

    The Westport WiNG Power System creates a bi-fuel truck capable of running on two fuels: compressed natural gas (CNG) first, then if empty, gasoline...The WiNG Power System is ordered and serviced at authorized Ford dealer/distributors and is installed before the vehicle leaves the Ford assembly plant.

    The standard 18.4 Gallon tank will take you 200 miles on CNG before needing to refuel. The truck on the road trip is the optional upgrade to 24.5 gallons, which goes 350 miles on CNG, and around 600 miles on both fuels combined. Publicity from Westport states 650 miles range and 15 mpg. Ford says the conventional F-250 has a range of about 525 miles.

    Very few details from the trip could be found on the web. This blog reported a massive thunderstorm with hail was encountered leaving Pittsburg; pictures were shown of the bbq food at the dealership stops; and the trip ended in rain at Times Square.

    Based on a poor quality image on this blog of the CNG dispenser readout in Cleveland, the $40.46 purchase divided by the $2.25 per gge found on cngprices means they used 18 gge for the 246 mi run between Plymouth and the station at 1600 Gateway Blvd SE, Canton, OH yielding 13.7 mpgge. conventional F-250 with a 6.2 liter engine has a sticker price of about $46,100. To equip that vehicle to burn natural gas can cost $10,000 or more.

    The F-250 equipped with a Westport Wing compressed natural gas system has a tank in the bed where a toolbox might normally sit and two fuel nozzle receptacles, one for gasoline and the other for natural gas.*