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Conversion kits CARB requirements???

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  • Conversion kits CARB requirements???

    Hey everyone,

    I live in California and I don't know all the legal stuff about the CARB requirements. Is it possible to install a kit yourself or does California require that the conversion be done by a licensed mechanic. Also I keep reading about CARB certified kits.

    Is it possible to build you own kit off of certified components?
    Do the tanks need to be certified or just dot certified?
    Do they sell kits without tanks and I can just pick up used tanks?
    Is the conversion of a Scion Xb possible? Legal problems? Kit problems?

    Any assistance you can provide is appreciated Thank You.

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    Re: Conversion kits CARB requirements???

    If you go to the CARB website , and really do some digging ,you can find CARB approved non factory modifications , etc , listed by the product maker.

    IIRC ,the last approved ones were around the 1995-1996 model year time frame.


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      Re: Conversion kits CARB requirements???

      Originally posted by Uraijit View Post
      In Commiefornia, pretty much ANYTHING you do has the potential for "legal problems". When you're dealing with CARB, it's pretty much a guarantee! Isn't it ironic that even in China, the government is less restrictive of personal ownership of such things, than California?
      So much for "Land of the free, home of the brave"

      So are you brave enough to put a conversion kit on anyway in this free country?


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        Re: Conversion kits CARB requirements???

        Thanks guys I appreciate your detailed replies. I have a good idea now what I would be getting into.


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          Re: Conversion kits CARB requirements???

          Originally posted by Uraijit View Post
          Who me? Sure, but I don't live in California. Despite popular belief on this forum, it's not illegal to install a kit, unless the EPA can prove that it's more harmful to the environment than factory config. The burden of proof lies with THEM, and they simply won't be able to prove that it's more harmful...

          CARB, however, is a different story. I don't live in CA, so I'm not very familiar with their rules.
          So in other words, your saying that they can't simply see you with your non-EPA cert car at a CNG filling station filling up, and they cannot just cite you and issue you a fine of $10000 like everyone seems to fear will happen? Where does it say that it's not illegal to install a kit? I'm pretty curious to read about that. It's hard to find out about the truth regarding laws in this field, but if it's that easy, then I'd like to get armed with that info as well in case I ever have a run-in with the wrong people.