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    I will be adding CNG to my 2005 Ford expedition 5.4L V8. Any suggestions on what sequential kit to use?

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    I drive an '06 F150 super crew 2wd with a 5.4 L engine. Prins bi-fuel kit, 2,9 gge type 1 tanks. 266,,000 miles, about 210,000 on CNG.
    The Prins has a little trouble switching over to CNG as the engine warms to switch over temp. If I'm at a stop sign or pulling onto a highway when it switches it can die or bog down a bit.
    When I change trucks I'll likely go with an Altech-Eco (or is it Techno Carb?) or an Impco. I hear they have heated fuel rails. Important in the cold north climate - when I get moisture in the CNG in the winter from public fueling.

    For now, I just keep on trucking.
    With this many miles I'm still getting 7,000 miles to a quart of oil. (mobil1 synthetic/15,000 mile oil) Over the 7+ years I've saved over $60,000 in direct fuel cost, tax credit, depreciation (of the home fueling Q2) and business miles write off. (through 2015)
    This year I can report that I've only used about 40 gallons of gasoline so far. (Heck, I used almost that much in the lawn mower)

    Other than that, just the usual maintenance on a high mile 10 year old truck in the rust belt.