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Conversion Controversy

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  • Conversion Controversy

    While reading another thread in this sub-forum I came across something curious posted by John Mitton effectively killing any further conversation in that thread.

    "From the "Rules" link at the top of every page:

    Furthering Non-Certified & Illegal Activity
    Posts that further illegal activity (i.e., description of or links to sites which promote the installation of non-EPA-certified conversion kits, expired or non-DOT-certified tanks, intentional circumvention of safety devices or protocols, etc.) will be removed without notice and posting members' CNGchat accounts subjected to revocation. "

    I'm a bit confused by this. Kits that are not EPA certified are NOT illegal. It seems odd that a kit used all over Europe is suddenly no good in the USA because it doesnt have US EPA approval. Of course that lack of approval is mostly if not all cost and bureaucracy. Using CNG by its very nature should make it exempt from EPA approval since the emissions using that fuel are NOT the ones the EPA is trying to limit.

    Of course the other side is that some companies HAVE spent lots of time and money to satisfy the US government and they dont want competition from those that havent done that headache.

    Whats the REST of the story that I may be missing that this forum has chosen to prevent discussion of other conversion manufacturers.


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    Re: Conversion Controversy

    That's pretty much it, I don't like it any more then u do but john is the boss ...I would like to see a compromise though perhaps keep the non epa in a section of the forum for overseas conversions or allow it in the regional sections where the state government promotes non epa kits...Utah for example


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      Re: Conversion Controversy

      Just do a google search and follow the money and it is all fairly self explanatory.


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        Re: Conversion Controversy

        There is nothing underhanded here. It's been years since I have been in the conversion business. And I still support the need for EPA certification on conversion activity in the US.