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Current costs of EPA certified conversions

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Current costs of EPA certified conversions

    Hi Gang,

    Please post here the costs you are paying / asking for conversion to CNG using EPA approved equipment. Moderators can update this top post to keep things current.

    My sense is that prices are dropping considerably now that the EPA has streamlined its requirements and many more options are now available from a wider base of conversion companies:

    Here are some published prices as of May 2013 (thanks, Dearborn!)
    Altech-Eco $7779 (F250 15.7 GGE)
    Altech-Eco $8350 (F250 21.2 GGE)
    Altech-Eco $6200 (Transit Connect 8.9 GGE)
    Altech-Eco $7599 (Transit Connect 17.8 GGE)

    Venchurs $8350 (F250 23.5 GGE)

    Westport $9,500 (F250 18.4 GGE)
    Westport $10,700 (F250 24 GGE)

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    Re: Current costs of EPA certified conversions

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