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Almost-new 2010 6L Chevy NaturalDrive truck for sale

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  • Almost-new 2010 6L Chevy NaturalDrive truck for sale

    Hey gang,

    We are selling our 2010 3/4 ton test vehicle used for our EPA certification ANTDD06.039A. It is registered in AZ and since it is dedicated CNG with ILEV emission standards it already has the blue license plates for single-occupant HOV lane access. HOV access can also be arranged in UT, IL, TN, GA, FL, VA, NY, NJ as well, see this thread. It is not CARB certified, so no HOV access in California but we believe CA buyers can license it as we are over 7,500 miles now -- having driven it to our lab in Michigan, out to Boston for the NGVA Summit, and now down to St. Louis.

    Utah buyers will qualify for the full $2,500 state income tax credit.

    * 2-Wheel drive
    * 8 ft bed
    * Regular cab
    * Standard towing package
    * Air conditioning & radio but no other options (i.e. no power windows, cruise control, etc.)
    * 24.5 gge cylinder with 325 mile range

    The truck was acquired for $22,500. The conversion is normally $11,490 and the $8,000 federal tax credit has been taken. We would propose a price of $25,750 for the vehicle. The GM warranty will apply to non-CNG components and NaturalDrive will, as usual, supplement this policy with our CNG system warranty to 3 years / 36,000 miles at our authorized installation and service centers.

    It has about 7,500 miles on the odometer and is currently on demo with LaClede Gas in the St. Louis area.
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    Re: Almost-new 2010 6L Chevy NaturalDrive truck for sale

    We took the $8k tax credit on this truck. The vehicle is now also up on Ebay:


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      Re: Almost-new 2010 6L Chevy NaturalDrive truck for sale

      Still have the truck for sale? I would be interested in purchasing and was hoping you could send me a message to discuss the details. Thank you!



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        Re: Almost-new 2010 6L Chevy NaturalDrive truck for sale

        Sorry truck has been sold.