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2011 Impala with Impco Dedicated CNG System - 100k miles - Bidding Starts at $5,950

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  • 2011 Impala with Impco Dedicated CNG System - 100k miles - Bidding Starts at $5,950

    Selling my 2011 Impala with Impco Dedicated CNG Conversion. Check it out on eBay at the link provided below.
    2011 Chevrolet Impala LT Fleet | eBay Motors, Cars & Trucks, Chevrolet | eBay!

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    The Ebay listing is ended saying "Item No Longer Available" . . . . does that mean the car has sold ?? What was the selling price ??


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      I ended up deciding to keep the car, so I closed down the auction. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to remove my post here on the forum after I closed the auction. I was thinking I needed a truck, but changed my mind. How much do you think the Impala would be worth if sold it on eBay?


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        Mileage is little high for only 6 year old car. Was that all driven in regional area of Oklahoma since it is dedicated CNG vehicle ??

        Any problems with the car ??


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          No problems other than an oil leak. I believe it's from the valve cover or intake manifold. CNG system has been rock solid.


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            Here are 4 Chev Impala that were with the auction date YYMMDD. Haven't run across any listings that did sell:

            2015 0K PA 2G1135SN7F9145318 3.6L LT bi-fuel MSRP$43K 160428$20K

            2011 81K SC 2G1WG5EK9B1292647 Impco aftermarket; 160516$9600 160528$8900

            2010 165K IL 2G1WG5EKXB1266008 CNG 160903$1299

            2005 160K IL 2G1WF52E859122108 A/C used up; 160829$1500


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              For reference, I was able to sell it locally in Oklahoma for $5,600 in July 2017.