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    WWW.GOVDEALS.COM search CNG honda civics GX low miles for sale in MD and OR!

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    Service records and first-hand check of four vehicles at Oregon auction yard are found in other Today's Posts here:

    2001 GX White Oregon State Motorpool on Public Surplus

    Agencies are selling off these cars in fine running condition while they have a few years remaining before the fuel tanks expire. Agencies do not choose to spend $4K - $7K to have each tank replaced (with a 20 year tank!) Cars which, prior to 2006, had a continuously variable transmission (steel belt) CVT, have been used well past 300,000 miles without transmission problems. Any of these Hondas will provide years of dependable service - and solo-occupant HOV lane access in California!

    Interested buyers should place a practice bid (just bump the present price up by $100 - you will be outbid before the day is out) in order to complete any buyer deposit or other prompts which PublicSurplus or GovDeals throw up on the screen. The bidding tends to increase as much as $1000 in the last minutes of the auction (at least one site EXTENDS the auction 5 minutes every time this happens). So, by putting in a practice bid ahead of time, you can easily log in and increase a bid quickly when the time comes.

    As a yardstick of what these cars have been selling for, here are some that have sold in past years:

    Column descriptions left-to-right for these Civic GX cars:
    tank years remaining when sold; car year; YYMMDD sold; price; odometer reading; notes

    5 2005 150603 $ 4K 95K OR CVT noise hwy speeds
    8 2005 121211 $ 5K 325K extra tank AZ
    8 2005 120504 $19K 17K
    8 2005 120504 $19K 23K
    8 2005 120504 $14K 80K

    2 2004 151008 $ 3K 90K OR bad fuel regulator
    4 2004 150930 $ 3K 93K OR
    4 2004 150928 $ 3K 67K OR
    7 2004 121229 $ 8K 147K CA
    6 2004 130830 $ 6K 185K CA
    7 2004 120000 $ 8K

    3 2003 151101 $ 3K 101K OR State Surplus 1HGEN26503L000042
    3 2003 150924 $ 3K 38K OR State Surplus
    3 2003 150728 $ 3K 24K
    6 2003 120000 $ 8K 122K
    5 2003 130000 $ 7K
    6 2003 120504 $16K 24K
    6 2003 120504 $16K 22K

    1 2002 151007 $ 2K 120K OR
    3 2002 140515 $ 5K 75K OR transmission CVT judder
    4 2002 130520 $ 7K 44K AK
    5 2002 120504 $15K 11K

    12 2001 151120 $ 7K 67K CA (tank had been replaced)
    0 2001 150401 $ 3K
    0 2001 150527 $ 4K 84K OR
    0 2001 150525 $ 4K 67K CT
    0 2001 150601 $ 4K 79K OR Eugene
    3 2001 131014 $ 7K AZ
    3 2001 130807 $ 7K 270K CA
    3 2001 130000 $ 7K
    2 2001 140224 $ 5K 85K
    2 2001 140308 $ 5K 97K OR
    1 2001 141226 $ 5K 105K OR
    1 2001 141229 $ 3K 79K OR


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      All of the vehicles coming up at auction this week are CNG only (one is a pickup). A few months back, a successful bidder paid for the car and temp license (tour permit) and it was driven to San Francisco for him by a cngchatter here in Oregon. 650 miles. So if you want a CNG vehicle, dont let the logistics spook you - you are given a week to make arrangements to retrieve the car/truck. And those arrangements could mean just having it picked up by someone in Oregon and parked in Oregon for awhile until you can get it. Again, make sure you practice bidding ahead of time and watch the auction during the last 15 minutes when someone may try to outbid you. Service records, if provided, are posted on thread, 2001 GX White Oregon State Motorpool . .


      GovDeals AUCTION 5859/1135 Ends 7 Dec 1:30pm PST | 2003 CIVIC 1HGEN26523L000043 | 10/2017 tank expires
      93331 miles; white/gray interior; AM/FM/CD; LR window non-operational. Once the battery is jumped, it starts fine with no idiot lamps lit. Paint peeling at rear edge of roof is in the window edge groove - not apparent unless looking closely. Barely noticeable window chips and no upholstery stains.

      PublicSurplus AUCTION 1500082 Ends 7 Dec 1:30pm PST | 2003 CIVIC 1HGEN26523L000088 | 01/2018 Tank expires
      43252 miles; green/tan interior. AM/FM/CD. Started fine with no idiot lamps lit. No windshield chips or upholstery stains. From first hand observation, this GX is in VERY GOOD CONDITION!


      PublicSurplus AUCTION 1501068 Ends 8 Dec 2:00pm PST | 2005 CIVIC 1HGEN26595L000415 | 09/2019 Tank expires
      92828 miles; white/tan interior; AM/FM/CD; Started fine with no idiot lamps lit. Has unknown transmission problem - hard shifting. Nothing detected while running car on lot and putting CVT transmission in FWD or REV without moving. (CVTs have performed well past 300K miles.) Superficial windshield chips but no upholstery stains.


      PublicSurplus AUCTION 1502861 Ends 10 Dec noon PST | 2002 F-150 2FDPF17M12CA36458 | 06/2016 TANK EXPIRES IN SIX MONTHS!
      72023 miles; white/gray interior; AM/FM/Cassette; Started fine with no idiot lamps lit. The cargo rack and hitch receiver make it easy to haul things (but didnt keep the rear window from being broken.) Auction only lists CNG as a fuel and VIN number doesn


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        (continued from previous post - failed to catch an apostrophe which deleted remainder of post) Auction only lists CNG as a fuel and VIN number doesnt give fuel type. Fuel filler door has only a CNG fitting, so truck only uses CNG. No service records provided.

        GovDeals AUCTION 5859/1144 Ends 10 Dec 3:58pm PST | 2001 CIVIC 1HGEN26491L000562 | 02/2016 TANK EXPIRES IN TWO MONTHS!
        44698 miles; white/tan interior; AM/FM/Cassette; Started fine with no idiot lamps lit.


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          Three of the five GXs on auction this week have the 5-speed (2006 or newer) transmissions which outperform the CVTs on range. A dedicated CNG van and truck are available to bid on as well. The biggest obstacle will be making arrangements to pick up the vehicle, but only because many are not accustomed to it. Its no harder than using U-Haul for a household move - just a case of getting there and letting your insurance company know you are picking up an additional vehicle. Vehicles are on or GovDeals requires the vehicles to be towed away (car carrier or otherwise) even though they run.

          YESTERDAYS results:
          Dec 7 1:30amPST 93K 2003 white GX Oregon (dead battery) sold for $2010+5% GovDeals
          Dec 7 1:30amPST 43K 2003 green GX Oregon (perfect condition) went for $4050+10% PublicSurplus

          Auctions coming up THIS WEEK:

          Dec 8 2pmPST 93K 2005 white GX Oregon PublicSurplus
          Dec 9 8:30amPST 18K 2008 white GX WashDC GovDeals
          Dec 9 9amPST 25K 2008 white GX WashDC GovDeals
          Dec 9 10amPST 36K 2009 white GX WashDC GovDeals
          Dec 9 11amPST 38K 1999 white E250 Ford Van WashDC (TANKS EXPIRED)
          Dec 10 noonPST 72K 2002 white F-150 Oregon PublicSurplus
          Dec 10 4pmPST 45K 2001 white GX Oregon GovDeals (TANKS EXPIRE 02/2016)


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            GovDeals put up a Undergoing Maintenance - Please check back later during the time the three 2008-9 GXs were to be auctioned Dec 9. When the site came back up, one of the cars was gone and the two others had been rescheduled to Dec 10. Bidding on these was only at $3K-$4K.

            For west coast bidders, road cams do not show snow anywhere on Southwest or East Coast roads. Interstate 40 or 70 have public CNG the whole route. Take a driver, spend a week and hire a tow truck at the Maryland auction yard location (their requirement) to pick it up inside the gate and set the car down outside the gate to drive both vehicles back. These cars normally sell for $7K-$15K.

            YESTERDAYS results:

            $2010+5% Dec 7 93K 2003 white GX Oregon (dead battery) GovDeals
            $4050+10% Dec 7 43K 2003 green GX Oregon (mint) PublicSurplus
            $2900+10% Dec 8 93K 2005 white GX Oregon PublicSurplus

            Auctions coming up THIS WEEK:

            Dec 9 11amPST 38K 1999 white E250 Ford Van WashDC GovDeals (TANKS EXPIRED)
            Dec 10 8:30amPST 18K 2008 white GX WashDC GovDeals
            Transferred to govt agency-not auctioned 25K 2008 white GX WashDC GovDeals
            Dec 10 10amPST 36K 2009 white GX WashDC GovDeals

            Dec 10 noonPST 72K 2002 white F-150 Oregon PublicSurplus
            Dec 10 4pmPST 45K 2001 white GX Oregon GovDeals (TANK EXPIRES 02/2016) no hub caps or service records


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              2008 Civic with 18K miles sold for $6321 with 1200 visits to the web page. The 200 bids arriving in the last half hour increased the price $3000.

              See the GovDeals website for a video walk around of the 2009 being auctioned at 10am PST. An amateur expert said, The manual transmission sounds like it has a burnt valve when the video is played and the noise at the tailpipe is observed.



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                2009 Civic with 36K miles sold for $4783 with 1700 visits to the web page. 2 dozen bids in the last 10 min.

                In addition to the pickup and van noted in prior posts, another pickup has appeared on GovDeals. No harm done if the tank is expired on a vehicle - BUT JUST DONT FUEL IT! An agency has two sensible options: (1) keep a vehicle in service by replacing the tank, or (2) sell vehicle while tank can still be used. If disposal of a vehicle takes place after it cannot be operated, the seller loses out and the buyer ends up with something he cant use.

                Dec 19 5:08PDT 2002 F-150 2WD 8cyl 76K CNG 2FDPF17M82CA36263 Tank Expired 11/2015 dead battery service records provided MUST TOW AWAY



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                  More of TODAYs OREGON RESULTS:

                  2002 F-150 72K CNG-only 2WD XL sold for $1700-tank expires in 6 months. rack/hitch
                  2001 Civic GX 45K sold for $2365 tank expires in 2 months dead bat;out-of-gas

                  Add $4K-$7K to each of these to replace the tanks and it seems used CNG vehicles are keeping their value.


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                    NOT TO BE MISSED. A blue 2009 GX showed up on eBay and the auction ends Monday Dec 28 4pm. Comes with 2 BRC fueling appliances and an extra set of studded tires. ITS NOT MY CAR AND I DONT KNOW THE SELLER. But it is located 60 miles east of Portland and a few of us in Oregon are ready to help a buyer drive it back (Sorry, UT, the only route to the Rockies is thru Las Vegas.)

                    Use the time today to register with eBay so you can bid on Monday. You dont have to use PayPal or give anyone your bank account number even if the site asks for it. Heck, the car dealer in The Dalles Oregon is listed in the ad and will want your bid to be posted - so contact him. Car comes from a former die-hard CNG enthusiast who drove it 200,000 miles - yet none of us in Oregon knew him and, whats worse, he seems to have never used cngchat. His widow is selling everything. (BTW - GXs commonly have 200K, 300K, or more and still run fine!)


                    Anyway, 2015 was quite a year, with Honda discontinuing GX production and gasoline plunging in price. A summary of many used CNG vehicle sales for the second half of the year follows. The biggest challenge was to inform buyers that the fuel tanks have an expiration date and that their replacement will run $3K-$7K.

                    Tank years remaining at time of sale is first column. Honda Civics unless noted:
                    9 2009 151221 $ 5K 15K CA 56 bids Martinez 1HGFA46549L000078 rear qtr collision damage
                    9 2009 151210 $ 5K 36K DC 1702 visits 1HGFA46539L000153
                    8 2008 151210 $ 6K 18K DC 1197 visits 1HGFA465X8L000827
                    8 2008 151113 $ 8K 32K DC 1400 visits to web page
                    8 2008 151101 $ 7K 160K CA San Diego
                    5 2005 151217 $ 6K 162K OR F-250 5.4L SD XL SuperCab 4WD 1,111 visitors 1FTSX21535EB96892
                    5 2005 151208 $ 3K 93K OR State Surplus 1HGEN26595L000415
                    3 2004 151107 $ 7K 91K OH Silverado 2500HD crew 25gge 1GCGC29U54E193844
                    2 2004 151008 $ 3K 90K OR bad fuel regulator
                    4 2004 150930 $ 3K 93K OR
                    4 2004 150928 $ 3K 67K OR
                    2 2003 151222 $ 2K 31K IL Ford Van 1FDNE31M73HA46985 PublicSurplus
                    3 2003 151214 $ 5K 117K CA F-150 2WD regular cab
                    3 2003 151207 $ 2K 93K OR State Surplus dead bat 1HGEN26523L000043
                    3 2003 151207 $ 4K 43K OR State Surplus 1HGEN26523L000088
                    3 2003 151101 $ 3K 101K OR State Surplus 1HGEN26503L000042
                    3 2003 150924 $ 3K 38K OR State Surplus
                    1 2002 151222 $ 3K 80K CA Chevy 2500 crewcab 1GCHC23U42F238938 PublicSurplus
                    1 2002 151222 $ 2K 88K CA Chevy 2500 crewcab 1GCGC23U12F238637 PublicSurplus
                    1 2002 151222 $ 3K 32K CA 1HGEN26522L000574 PublicSurplus
                    1 2002 151222 $ 2K 133K CA Chevy C3500 Utility Truck 1GBJC34U42E190146 PublicSurplus
                    1 2002 151222 $ 3K 32K CA 1HGEN26542L000589 PublicSurplus
                    1 2002 151213 $ 2K 106K GA CVT replaced with manual trans;rear drum changed to disk
                    0 2002 151210 $ 2K 72K OR State Surplus F-150 2WD XL no rear window; dead bat; bad gages
                    0 2002 151201 $ 6K 162K NV Reno GMC YUKON XL 4X4
                    0 2001 151222 $ 2K 48K CA Ford F150 1FTPF17M61KB25604 PublicSurplus
                    0 2001 151222 $ 3K 36K CA 1HGEN26461L000583 PublicSurplus
                    0 2001 151210 $ 2K 45K OR State Surplus 1HGEN26491L000562
                    12 2001 151120 $7K 67K CA tank has been replaced
                    0 2000 151222 $ 4K ?K AZ CHEVY 2500 BI-FUEL T059 PublicSurplus

                    In conclusion, much of the above list involved sales on GovtDeals or PublicSurplus. But Craigs List and eBay are also good places to find CNG vehicles of all types.


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                      Ribbon Cutting 11:30am Tuesday 19 Jan 2016 for new Sparq CNG station at 156 N Campus Dr Garden City, KS. This seemingly insignificant location is the EXACT CENTER OF THE NATION, so they want to see us all there:


                      This 12th public CNG station in Kansas was announced in October:




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                        (above post "re-posted" to the SPARQ CNG station opening thread - ended up here by mistake)


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                          I'm only "bumping" this listing (not mine) because of the number of drivers who have asked how to get a good deal on one of the newer Civics - during times they couldn't be found except for a few with dealer pricing!

                          It turns out that a buyer may make an offer to these eBay "fixed price" listings - above or below asking price - but seller can decline those below the asking price and the car will be listed as "unsold" at the time the listing expires if seller doesn't accept any of the offers. It will probably, later, be posted again and shopper will not have any idea when.

                          Once again, this 2009 GX with 200K on odometer has the (long-range) 5-speed transmission; appears in the photos to be in mint condition; and is being sold by the widow of the CNG driver. An interested buyer may conclude the payment arrangements with the car dealer handling the sale for the lady and then contact me (log in, click on 300mileclub, and send private message) for assistance to pickup the 2009 GX, the two Fuelmakers, and the snow tires (all offered for $6000) in The Dalles, Oregon.


                          This eBay item expires at 4pm Dec 28 Monday.


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                            Three 2008-2009 GXs in WA DC with 25K-35K miles sold on for $5145, $4725 and $5272 on 20 Jan 2016. Cars were in good running condition.


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                              Civic GX auction sale results for January 2016:

                              Tank years remaining in first column. PublicSurplus;GovDeals;eBayMotors. # bidders in ().

                              9 2009 160120 $5145 36K DC 1HGFA46539L000153 Civic GX
                              8 2008 160120 $4725 25K DC 1HGFA46518L001087 Civic GX
                              8 2008 160120 $5272 23K DC 1HGFA46548L000967 Civic GX
                              6 2007 160121 $5395 107K CA 1HGFA465X7L000101 Civic GX ADS-co (33)
                              6 2007 160121 $5500 125K CA 1HGFA46537L000103 Civic GX garcimex (41)
                              6 2007 160121 $4160 165K CA 1HGFA46537L000084 Civic GX ADS-co (35)
                              6 2007 160121 $6160 123K CA 1HGFA465X7L000096 Civic GX fusterclucked (44)
                              6 2007 160110 $4000 109K NY 1HGFA465X7L000292 CIVIC GX
                              5 2005 160113 $2025 96K NM 1HGEN26565L000372 CIVIC GX key stuck jdaltonautobody (23)
                              5 2005 160113 $3350 97K NM 1HGEN26545L000385 CIVIC GX Irbalder (48)
                              5 2005 160119 $3500 100 NM 1HGEN26565L000419 CIVIC GX cdupre (38)
                              5 2005 160119 $4186 52K NM 1HGEN26555L000380 CIVIC GX kdeiber (42)
                              5 2005 160119 $3447 96K NM 1HGEN265X5L000407 CIVIC GX krecifamily (27)
                              5 2005 160120 $3000 94K NM 1HGEN26575L000395 CIVIC GX df123 (29)
                              5 2005 160120 $3010 93K NM 1HGEN26505L000397 CIVIC GX 2busy2 (27)
                              5 2005 160120 $2778 95K NM 1HGEN26565L000405 CIVIC GX rpainter (23)
                              5 2005 160121 $3174 92K NM 1HGEN26515L000375 CIVIC GX Irbalder (47)
                              0 2001 160113 $1846 49K OR 1HGEN26421L000502 CIVIC GX

                              With public CNG fueling available to cross the country, the only problem was the weather - blizzard in DC